DropshipMe Review, Pricing, Features with Pros and Cons

In this DropshipMe review, you'll find more information about its features, pricing, pros and cons and why you should consider using it.
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Unlock the full potential of your dropshipping business with DropshipMe, where convenience meets efficiency in a seamless blend. With a treasure trove of over 50,000 handpicked, best-selling products at your fingertips, you can say goodbye to the grunt work of product research. The added allure of professional image and title edits, coupled with authentic customer reviews, ensures your store stands out in the bustling e-commerce marketplace. DropshipMe is not just a plugin; it’s a powerful ally in your quest for a profitable, trustworthy, and effortlessly managed online store.

Customer support
Value for money
Ease of use
  • Cost-effective
  • Quality assurance
  • Time-saving features
  • Unlimited earnings
  • Customer trust
  • Product availability issues
  • Import limitations
  • Limited automation

Dive into the world of effortless online entrepreneurship with DropshipMe, the innovative plugin transforming the dropshipping landscape. This powerful tool is your gateway to a curated marketplace of top-selling products, complete with expertly edited images and titles that promise to elevate your store’s appeal.

Whether you’re a seasoned e-commerce veteran or taking your first steps in digital retail, DropshipMe offers a streamlined, efficient path to expanding your inventory, enhancing customer trust, and scaling your business to new heights—all with the ease of a few clicks.

Discover how DropshipMe can revolutionize your dropshipping experience, simplifying your journey towards a thriving online store.

Read further to learn more about DropshipMe, in our review we will detail its features, pros and cons with our rating, and a conclusion about why you should use it.

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What is DropshipMe?

DropshipMe is a WordPress plugin that streamlines the process of adding products to dropshipping stores by providing a curated selection of over 50,000 manually picked and edited best-selling dropshipping products.

It allows users to import these products into their WordPress store with a single click, eliminating the need for extensive product research and editing.

The plugin supports WooCommerce and AliDropship, aims to increase sales conversions, and enhances the shopping experience by ensuring trust with selected suppliers. DropshipMe offers a free plan, does not impose monthly charges, and there’s no limit to the potential earnings for the store owners.

DropshipMe cover

DropshipMe specifications

Features50,000+ top selling products to choose from / Clear product titles / Free WordPress plugin to manage your imports / Highest quality images / Real customers' reviews / The most trusted suppliers / WordPress Plugins
Best suited forFreelancers, Small businesses, Mid size businesses
Website languagesEnglish
Website URLVisit official website
Support linkSupport page
Live chatNo
Company addressYaroslav Nevskiy, Dubai Internet City 16, Dubai, UAE
Year founded2016


DropshipMe pricing: How much does DropshipMe cost?

Step into the pricing universe of DropshipMe, where affordability intersects with value. With plans ranging from the enticing allure of a free starter package to the expansive reach of premium options, there’s a pricing tier tailored to every stage of your business’s growth.

Whether you’re testing the waters with 50 product imports or ready to dominate the market with up to 1,000, DropshipMe offers a clear, one-time payment structure that fits your budget and ambition.

Discover a pricing strategy that empowers your entrepreneurial spirit without breaking the bank.

Pricing rangeFrom $29 to $199
Pricing typesOne-time payment
Free planYes
Free trialNo
Money back guaranteeNo
Pricing page linkSee plans

DropshipMe pricing plans


  • 50 product imports: $0 (100% Free)
    • This is a starter package allowing you to try DropshipMe for free and upgrade as you grow.
  • 100 product imports: $29
    • This package also includes an additional 10 free imports, suitable for a growing business.
  • 500 product imports: $119
    • This package is positioned as a smart way to scale your store.
  • 1000 product imports: $199
    • Aimed at powering your store to meet all your customers’ needs, this package includes an additional 500 imports.

All packages include the following:

  • Access to over 50,000 top-selling products
  • Clear product titles and high-quality images
  • A free WordPress plugin to manage imports
  • Products from the most trusted suppliers
  • Real customer reviews
  • Zero additional fees
  • Lifelong customer support


DropshipMe features: What can you do with it?

Venture into the realm of DropshipMe’s features, where each tool is crafted to enhance your online store’s performance. From the ease of a Super Easy Start to the strategic finesse of Recommended Pricing Markup, these features are designed to streamline your operations, boost your sales, and elevate your customer’s shopping experience.

Prepare to explore how each feature can be the key to unlocking a new level of success for your dropshipping venture.

DropshipMe features

Super Easy Start

The Super Easy Start feature is a testament to DropshipMe’s user-friendly approach, allowing even novices to quickly set up their dropshipping business. With a straightforward installation process and a one-click import system, users can bypass the often complex and technical aspects of setting up an online store.

This feature is particularly beneficial for entrepreneurs who want to focus on building their business rather than getting bogged down by technical details.

The free plan available ensures that there are no upfront costs, removing financial barriers and making it accessible to a wider audience. Moreover, the simplicity of the system means that users can start importing and selling products almost immediately, providing a quick route to market.

Easy Search

The Easy Search feature addresses the potential challenge of navigating through a large product catalog. With intuitive search tools and filters, users can quickly find products that meet specific criteria, making the product selection process much more manageable.

This feature allows store owners to tailor their product offerings to their target market, improve their store’s focus, and better align with their marketing strategies.

The ability to easily search and filter products also means that store owners can quickly respond to changes in consumer demand, keeping their store relevant and competitive.

50,000+ Handpicked Hottest Products

DropshipMe hottest products

With over 50,000 handpicked products, DropshipMe offers an extensive selection that can cater to a wide variety of niches and customer preferences. This feature saves users countless hours they would otherwise spend researching and selecting products, which is a significant advantage in the fast-paced e-commerce environment.

The DropshipMe team’s dedication to curating this selection means that users are always equipped with products that have a proven track record of sales. The diversity of the product range ensures that store owners can keep their offerings fresh and appealing, which is crucial for customer retention and attracting a broader audience.

High Speed of Work

The High Speed of Work feature is designed for efficiency and scalability. By allowing users to add products to their store quickly, DropshipMe ensures that store owners can capitalize on trends as they emerge. This rapid integration is critical in the dropshipping industry, where being first to market can be a significant advantage.

The speed of the system also means that store owners can test different products and strategies without delay, allowing for agile business practices. This feature is particularly beneficial for those looking to expand their product offerings regularly and without hassle.

Professionally Edited Titles And Images

DropshipMe titles and images editing

The feature of Professionally Edited Titles and Images is a game-changer for store owners who are not versed in graphic design or SEO. By providing products with market-ready visuals and SEO-friendly titles, DropshipMe ensures that the products are not only appealing to the eye but also ready to rank on search engines.

This professional touch can significantly enhance the perceived value of the products and the store, encouraging customers to make a purchase. It also means that store owners can dedicate more time to other aspects of their business, like marketing and customer service, knowing that their product listings are polished and attractive.

Recommended Pricing Markup

The Recommended Pricing Markup feature is a crucial tool for profitability. By providing a suggested markup rate, DropshipMe takes the complexity out of pricing strategies.

This feature is based on extensive research and is designed to help store owners find the sweet spot where prices are attractive to customers but still provide a healthy profit margin.

The ability to apply this markup automatically to all products saves time and ensures consistency across the store. This feature is particularly useful for new store owners who may not have the experience to price products competitively.

More Sales With Real Customers Reviews

DropshipMe real customer reviews

The inclusion of Real Customer Reviews is a strategic move by DropshipMe to leverage the power of social proof. This feature can lead to a significant increase in conversion rates as potential customers often rely on feedback from others to make informed purchasing decisions.

By providing access to authentic reviews, DropshipMe not only helps build trust with potential buyers but also helps store owners understand customer sentiments towards products, which can be invaluable for product selection and customer service strategies.

This feature also helps in SEO as fresh, user-generated content can improve search rankings.

Only Most Trusted Suppliers

DropshipMe’s commitment to quality is evident in its Only Most Trusted Suppliers feature. By ensuring that all suppliers are vetted thoroughly, DropshipMe reduces the risk of customer complaints related to product quality or shipping issues. This feature is crucial for maintaining the reputation of the store and ensuring customer satisfaction.

It also means that store owners can be confident in the products they sell, which is essential for building a sustainable business. The stringent selection process also means that DropshipMe users can expect a lower rate of returns and disputes, which can save time and money.


DropshipMe review: Why you should use it?

DropshipMe is a plugin that simplifies the process of starting and managing a dropshipping business by providing access to a curated list of over 50,000 best-selling products. It eliminates the need for product research and editing, allowing users to start selling immediately after import.

The plugin enhances the shopping experience and trust through professionally edited product titles and images, as well as real customer reviews. It also minimizes disputes by only including products from trusted suppliers.


  • Time-saving: Automated product import with one click, no need for manual research or editing.
  • Quality Assurance: Access to handpicked, top-selling products with professional editing.
  • Customer Trust: Real customer reviews are included to increase credibility.
  • Supplier Reliability: Only products from trusted suppliers are offered.
  • Cost-Effective: No monthly charges, with a free plan available.
  • Unlimited Earnings: There’s no limit to how much money you can earn using the plugin.


  • Limited Automation: The plugin does not update product information in real-time, which can lead to manual checking of stock and prices.
  • Import Limitations: Once the import limit is reached, even if products are deleted, new ones cannot be added without upgrading the plan.
  • Customer Service: Mixed reviews on customer service, with some users reporting excellent support and others experiencing issues.
  • Product Availability: Some users have reported that imported products were no longer available from the supplier, leading to additional work to replace or remove these listings.
DropshipMe advantages


Frequently Asked Questions

Can DropshipMe update product information automatically?

No, DropshipMe focuses on the initial import of product information and does not update product details in real-time. Users need to manually check stock and prices on AliExpress to ensure accuracy.

How many products can I import with DropshipMe?

You can import up to 50 products for free. Paid plans allow for more imports, with packages offering 100, 500, and 1000 product imports.

Are the products on DropshipMe reliable?

Yes, DropshipMe only includes products from the most trusted suppliers on AliExpress, ensuring quality and reliability for your dropshipping store.

What happens if I reach my import limit on DropshipMe?

Once you reach your import limit, you cannot add new products unless you delete some or upgrade to a higher plan. However, previously imported and deleted products can be found in the Imports History section and re-imported without counting against your limit.

How do I choose the best products to import with DropshipMe?

DropshipMe provides an easy search feature with filters to help you select the best products based on category, price, order numbers, and more, tailored to your store’s needs.

What are the system requirements for using DropshipMe?

DropshipMe is a plugin designed for WordPress websites and requires WooCommerce or AliDropship to function. It is compatible with most standard WordPress themes and plugins.

Can I use DropshipMe on multiple websites?

Each purchase of DropshipMe is valid for a single website. If you wish to use the plugin on multiple sites, you will need to purchase additional licenses.

Can I edit the product details after importing them with DropshipMe?

Yes, after importing products with DropshipMe, you can further customize product details, prices, and images to fit your store’s branding and strategy.

Does DropshipMe support international shipping?

Since DropshipMe imports products from AliExpress, most of the products are available for international shipping, depending on the supplier’s shipping policy on AliExpress.

How does DropshipMe handle out-of-stock products?

DropshipMe does not automatically update stock levels, so users need to manually check and update their store if a product goes out of stock on AliExpress.

DropshipMe Review, Pricing, Features with Pros and Cons
DropshipMe Review, Pricing, Features with Pros and Cons