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In this Dr Fone review, you'll find more information about its features, pricing, pros and cons and why you should consider using it.
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9.3Expert Score
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Dr.Fone will never let you down with your data loss. Its complete mobile tools will restore all the data for any type of smartphones.

Customer support
Value for money
Ease of use
  • One click unlock root access
  • Data extraction
  • Deactivate lock screens
  • Support plenty Phone Brands
  • Restore many different type of data (Apps data, pictures, videos, messages…)
  • Cheap pricing
  • Free trial version
  • Scan is slow

Smartphones store lots of important data, such as videos, photos, messages, contacts, and many other files.

If these issues happen, how do you find the lost data from a mobile device?

This is where a data recovery app can help in accessing your device and restoring the lost data.

Now, more than ever, you depend on your computers and mobile devices for work.

What if your device gets harmed and becomes inaccessible?
All the valuable files stored on the device have been lost, or you accidentally deleted important files.
Hdd broken (hardware)
Hardware broken

Instantly, your precious and very important data disappears. Hours of days or weeks of work can be gone in an instant. If you are an ordinary individual with a collection of videos, this event is very frustrating.

This could be devastating for a freelancer and content creator or an accountant with lots of spreadsheets and excel jobs. Instantly, you go from business as usual to many weeks of losses. At this point, you would do anything and everything only to restore data.

Thankfully, there are many ways to recover data. Dr. Fone is one such way. Set it up on your PC or smartphone, and your data will be restored in just a few minutes.

Dr Fone testimonials

But, how does this Dr. fone app work? Is it good enough to depend on if your job is at stake?

This is not a soft question; however, Dr. Fone’s software is not soft software either. It is a full-featured data recovery module suite for everyone, most especially professionals.

Keep on reading this Dr. Fone review to know more about this one of the amazing testing data recovery applications.

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Quick Overview

What is Dr fone?

Dr Fone Review – Complete Mobile Solution #ciroapp

Dr.Fone is a particular piece of data recovery app that will surely impress IT experts who are looking to sharpen their edge. It will surely beat the competition except for some minor flaws.

Available for iOS, Windows, Mac, and Android, this software will assist you to recover moth accidentally deleted files as well as files erased by programs. You can use this to access raw and non-mounting partitions.

What is dr fone

Advanced users will surely appreciate its capability to recover data from storage and servers as well. In general, the user experience is one of the most reliable data recovery apps available, ranking it almost at the top of the best data recovery software for 2021.

What Makes it Different?
What makes this apart from the rest is that it is extremely intuitive and user-friendly. It doesn’t have a complex setting in the user interface; in fact, there is no need to configure, that enables a layperson like you to use the software with simplicity.

For your information, Dr Fone is a software made by Wondershare, a big company that owns Wondershare Filmora, Edraw Max and many other softwares. They are creating cheap and efficient software for years, so you can buy without any doubts or fear.

Utility solutions wondershare

Dr fone specifications

FeaturesBackup / Data Recovery / Data eraser / Phone Unlocker
Best suited forIndividuals, Freelancers
Website languagesArabic / Chinese / Deutsch / English / French / Italian / Japanese / Korean / Portuguese / Russian / Spanish
Website URLVisit official website
Support linkSupport page
Live chatNo
Company addressWest of Donghuan Road, North of 1-4 Road, South of 1-3 Road, Room No.2, Floor 6, Building No.8 of East of Liuwu Building, Lhasa, China
Year founded2017


Dr fone pricing: How much does Dr fone cost?

Dr fone offers a decent free plan with stunning features. If you need it for a specific work you select that from their various plans.

Pricing rangeFrom $0 to $139.95 per month
Pricing typesAnnual subscription
Free planYes
Free trialNo
Money back guaranteeYes, 30 days
Pricing page linkSee plans

Dr fone pricing plans


Dr Fone offers different pricing plans. So, you are able to find one that will meet or suit your budget as well as your needs.

Pricing plan Android 1

  • Dr Fone (Mac) — Android toolkit for only $59.95
  • Dr.fone (Mac) — Unlock (Android): $39.95
  • Dr.fone (Mac) — Phone Manager(Android): $39.95
  • Dr.fone (Mac) — Switch (iOS & Android): $35.00
  • Dr.fone (Mac) — Restore Social App (iOS & Android): $29.95
  • Dr.fone (Mac) — Phone Backup(Android): $19.95
  • Dr.fone (Mac) — Erase (Android): $14.95
  • Dr.Fone (Mac) — Full Toolkit is $149.95. This includes one license on Mac and Dr. Fone features for both Android and iOS devices.

Dr Fone (Mac) — Data Recovery Pricing Plans

Pricing mac

Dr fone (mac) — iOS Toolkit: $139.95. This takes into account a 12-month subscription on Mac and includes all modules for iOS devices, including switch, recover, transfer, repair, unlock, screen recorder SIM unlock and many others.

  • Dr.fone (Mac) — Phone Backup(iOS): $29.95
  • Dr.fone (Mac) — Phone Transfer: $35.00
  • Dr.fone (Mac) — Data Eraser: $29.95
  • Dr.fone (Mac) — Data Recovery: $69.95
  • Dr.fone (Mac) — System Repair: $69.95
  • Dr.fone (Mac) — Phone Manager: $39.95
  • Dr.fone (Mac) — WhatsApp Transfer: $29.95
  • Dr.fone (Mac) — Screen Unlock: $69.95

Dr fone — Data Recovery (iOS) — Pricing Plans

Pricing plan Ios

Dr.fone — iOS Toolkit for only $99.95 and this includes a one-year subscription on Windows, includes modules for iOS devices such as transfer, repair, switch, recover and many others. If you don’t need this full kit, you can choose one from any of the below:

  • Dr.fone — Phone Transfer (iOS & Android): $29.95
  • Dr.fone — iTunes Repair: $19.95
  • Dr.fone — Data Eraser (iOS): $19.95
  • Dr.fone — Data Recovery (iOS): $59.95
  • Dr.fone — System Repair (iOS): $59.95
  • Dr.fone — Phone Manager (iOS): $39.95
  • Dr.fone — Phone Backup (iOS): $19.95
  • Dr.fone — Screen Unlock (iOS): $49.95
  • Dr.fone — WhatsApp Transfer (iOS & Android): $21.95

Types of Data loss

Common Types of Data Loss that may happen with your hardware

Before we proceed, let us first take a while to consider how your data can get lost. Depending on what occurs, your data can be simple or impossible to recover.


Data loss is a tragedy that each mobile user has to suffer from at least once in his or her life. This is a disgusting and frightening issue. We are going to identify some common causes of data loss.

Deletion by Mistake

Today, most of us lose our important personal data because of our own mistakes. For example, we delete data by mistake, and we don’t have a data backup. Without a bit of a doubt, we delete data or delete text messages daily on our mobile devices. Mostly you delete your phone’s data including all the photos and other data.

It is advisable to make a backup of important files.

This allows you to recover the deleted files or delete multiple contacts fast in the event you delete them by mistake. If you don’t have a backup, you don’t have to worry, as Dr. Fone can help. For your android smartphone malfunction, you can have system recovery and get back internal storage data after factory reset.

Viruses Attacks

Malware and virus attacks are other common issues. And most malware and viruses are likely to corrupt our private data. Provided that you’re connected to the web, you cannot avoid the risk. It will erase data from your device and there will be no way to get back existing data but using Dr phone. Also the customer encounters technical issues while using the phone.

If you want to avoid data loss by viruses and malware, ensure you invest in an antivirus to keep your device safe and sound from the said attacks. Also, beware of data transfer from any device. The app will provide you with a warning each time a suspicious activity is going to occur.

Mechanical Problems

Hard drive failure is an annoying problem. Of all hard drive problems, the mechanical problem is the most common one.

Usually, the issue is related to the head of the drive. Once this occurs, you don’t have a choice but to fix the damaged parts.

Water Damage

Aside from the factors mentioned above, your mobile device might also get harmed or damaged once exposed to water.

Wet smartphone / Water damage

For example, once you spill some water on your device by mistake, your hard drive might get harmed or damaged. In another case, you might end up dropping your device into the water or swimming pool.

You can restore the deleted files in a damaged device with the help of data recovery software like Dr. Fone. All you have to do is to follow the instructions very carefully.  

So, these are just some of the most common causes of data loss and the steps you need to consider in order to recover them.

How to restore the data?

How Is Deleted Data Restored?

So, how can Dr. Fone recover or restore the lost data?

Well, the answer to this question depends on how your file was lost. For instance, suppose the data was lost because of corruption. So, in this case, your file might or might not be recoverable. If there is no archived copy, you might be out of luck. Damage from other causes can be restored.

For instance, a lot of people believe that if a drive is formatted, the data is deleted. As a matter of fact, formatting a drive marks it as empty.

But your file is still there, Dr Fone is able to recover that file as if it had never been formatted. Once more, how this works will also depend on a specific condition.

Did you press format, realize your error, and immediately run Dr. Fone?

In which case, you are able to look forward to bringing back the files. However, once the formatted drive has been utilized, some data might have been overwritten.

It is hard to recover a file that was lost due to mechanical faults. If the data was not supported before the disc became harmed or damaged, it could be gone forever.

If you like to keep tabs on your data 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, a long-term backup system is the best choice. For instance, all the tools, like a hard drive duplicator, will keep data backed up all the time.

Combine a backup system with a data recovery app like Dr. Fone, and you will never lose data once more.

Dr. Fone works amazingly in just data recovery.  

Wondershare Dr. Fone functions with two different data recovery processes. You can either join the smartphone with the PC via USB or you can take an available backup from Google Drive or iTunes. Also, it is a password manager for the android phone and also allow you to recover whatsapp data.

Regardless of the procedure, you decide to recover data, you will not need to spend more than a few minutes restoring files.

Tips to Follow

Just start it up and then follow the guides. Pick a folder, your drive and then run a scan. Pick the data you wish to recover or restore.  

If simple scans don’t do the task, you are able to run a deep scan. However, this takes some minutes, but it finds personal data that a simple scanning might miss.

Regardless, Dr. Fone has an easy-to-use and user-friendly interface. It is really a minimalist and straightforward software suite that is as basic as it is.

Once you have begun scanning, you do not need time for it to be complete. Data will appear or pop up in the window as they are found. And you can recover them instantly.

Thus, if all you want is to recover a single Word file, you do not need to recover the whole drive.

In this software, you can preview data, images, documents, and spreadsheets and delete text messages before they are restored. If you are coping with many file versions, it is simple to find the one you want.

To make things simpler, the Dr. Fone data recovery program enables you to filter for specific types of files. Pick from many extensions and restore the specific files you want.

Also, you can pick tags that are a good way of picking a broad category of files. For example, you can look for images and see PNGs, GIFs, JPEGs, and other files.


Dr fone features: What can you do with it?

The Data recovery feature is a factor to consider when finding one. Dr. Fone allows you to choose from Full Toolkit, iOS Toolkit and Android Toolkit. Each one has its features.

Dr Fone features

Let’s help you determine these features to know which kit is ideal for you:

Full Fone Toolkit

Dr Fone Full Fone Toolkit

Full toolkit means it works both on Android and iOS devices:


Bring back erased files and recovered photos from Android devices and iOS devices, iCloud and iTunes backup files, as well as broken Android devices.


This allows you to transfer SMS, contacts, music and video, photos, and more between your Android and iOS device and PC to iTunes. And it will be safe while transferring files from one to another device.


Switching or transferring data between two smartphones running on Android or iOS is just one click away. You can switch contacts, photos, messages, and a lot more.

Data Backup and Restore

Back up your files on any Android and iOS device with ease and, at the same time, restore backup files selectively regardless of the device.


Delete or permanently delete any private data that you like to erase from Android or iOS devices with just one click. This will keep your privacy totally and completely secure. You can use a phone eraser to delete all the images and other files from entire device for further troubleshooting and get it bag using this software.


This feature allows you to eliminate the lock screen from iOS and Android devices, although you do not recall the password.


Fix and repair different Android and iOS problems by yourself in just a matter of minutes, like stuck in a boot loop and black screen of death and many other issues.

iTunes Repair

You are able to repair iTunes errors as well as problems with connection and issues in synching iTunes with your iPod touch, iPad as well as iPhone.

Brings Back Social App

This software allows you to back up your LINE, WhatsApp, WeChat, Viber, Kik chat history, as well as the attachment. This also allows you to transfer WhatsApp messages between Android and Android, iOS and iOS, as well as iOS and Android.

iOS Toolkit

Dr Fone iOS Toolkit

If you are using Apple devices, then the iOS toolkit is right for you. iOS Toolkit features take into account of:


Recovered photo library, ID password erased data from iOS devices, apps such as WhatsApp, Viber and Kik and iCloud, iTunes backups, and Viber backup files.

Transfer: Transfer SMS, contact photos, video music, and a lot more between new iPhone devices and PC/iTunes.


You can also switch data from both iOS at just one click, such as messages, photos and contacts.

Backup and Restore

Backup files on your iOS devices with ease and bring back backup data to an iOS device.


You can erase or delete data permanently from an iOS device in only a click to keep your security and privacy secure.

Lock screen removal

Get rid of the lock screen from the iOS device regardless of whether you know the password or not.


Fix different iOS system problems by yourself in just a few minutes, like recovery mode looping, stuck in the Apple logo and many others.

iTunes Repairs

Fix different iTunes errors as well as connection problems and problems syncing iTunes with iPad, iPod touch and other Apple devices.

Bring Back Social App

You can back up social media sites such as WhatsApp, LINE, WeChat, Viber, KiK chat history, as well as the attachment. This also allows you to transfer WhatsApp messages between iOS and iOS devices.

Android Toolkit

Dr Fone android Toolkit

If you are using Android devices, here are the features you can get from Dr Fone software:

  • Recover: Bring back deleted files or all your data from Android phones, which include a file from an SD card as well as a broken Android phone or Samsung devices.
  • Transfer: You can transfer contacts, music, video, photos, and more between your PC/iTunes and Android devices using a USB cable.
  • Switch: With just one click, you can transfer files between any two smartphones or devices which run on Android or iOS, which include messages, contacts, photos, and many others.
  • Backup and Restore: You can backup files on your Android devices with ease and bring back backup files, particularly to any Android device.
  • Erase: You can permanently delete data that you like to erase from any Android device in one click, totally securing the privacy of donated or discarded devices.
  • Unlock: Get rid of the lock screen from any Android device, regardless of whether you know the password or not.
  • Repair: You can also fix different Android problems by yourself, like the Play Store not working, the black screen of death, the OTA update failed, and many others.
  • Bring Back Social App: You can back up your LINE backup, WeChat, WhatsApp media, Kik backup, as well as Viber attachment and chat history. You can also transfer WhatsApp data between iOS and iOS, iOS and Android, and Android and Android.


Dr fone review: Why you should use it?

Losing files is a very painful experience, particularly if you can’t afford to lose them permanently. However, it occurs, and you don’t have to worry. Dr Fone is able to assist you in bringing back the lost files.

Regardless of the type of file, you’ve lost, or the device and operating system you use, this data recovery software provides a secure, efficient as well as faster way to get your lost files back.  

Here are examples of conditions in which Dr.Fone may be the right and appropriate solution:

  • Failed in re-flashing of devices
  • Mistakes happening during the work of devices can result in the destruction of useful as well as valuable information
  • Intentional and accidental formatting of your memory card

The Dr Fone data recovery software is a user-friendly, effective as well as reliable tool for restoring lost files or data.

The installed file just takes a few minutes to download, and you are able to begin scanning in a few minutes more. We especially liked the features integrated with this software as some are not available on high-end software. You can preview your data prior to restoring it.

Once it turns out that your data is not recoverable, you have not spent a dime. Truly, there is no risk. If you would like to restore a considerable number of files, you will have to invest in Dr Fone.

This is one of the best data recovery software available at this point. Everyone can benefit from using this software. You should try the free version first to know if it is right for you.

Also the support team is excellent! Here they senior support team to handle complex issues and knowing users encounter to get the best solution.

However, if you bought data recovery program from them, you can do refund request within a time.


Dr fone Alternatives

Before subscribing to Dr fone, it’s always a good idea to check out the competition and find the best data recovery software for your needs. You can find the Dr fone alternatives here.

Here are some versus to compare Dr fone with its competitors:


Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Use Dr.Fone Safely?

This app does not collect or transfer personal information anywhere, and each operation happens on a computer.

Block access online for the time of file recovery if it is difficult for you to rely on and trust this app.

Can a dissolved app act as if to be Dr Fone?

When you download this app from the official website, you’ll find no malware or viruses in the setting up of the file.

You are always taking a risk if downloading hacked versions and installers from unreliable sources such as torrents.
Thus, you must check each file downloaded via antivirus.

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