DotYeti Review – Unlimited Graphic Design service

In this DotYeti review, you'll find more information about its features, pricing, pros and cons and why you should consider using it.
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Unlimited Graphic Design service with full creative team

DotYeti is a graphic design service aimed at making professional graphic design accessible to businesses of all sizes and budgets. DotYeti offers an unlimited plan that includes all the features of a traditional graphic design package, but without the traditional constraints.

Customer support
Value for money
Ease of use
  • Fast deliveries (in 48 hours)
  • One Free design
  • Easy to use platform
  • Live chat support
  • 14 days money-back guarantee
  • Don’t do rushed projects
  • No coding services
  • Video editing in the most expensive package

Here is what we will talk about in the rest of this article:

What is DotYeti?

DotYeti is a graphic design subscription platform that has worked with clients such as TikTok, The Voice, and WWF. They offer unlimited graphic designs for a flat monthly fee through packaged deals.

Depending on the difficulty of a design request, it will usually take 48 hours for a design to be delivered. The number of requests that can be simultaneously submitted can also be customized depending on your chosen design plan.

DotYeti features

What can you do with DotYeti?

Knowing what an unlimited graphic design service can do is the most important thing. Find out in this DotYeti review what they will provide.

Here’s a list of DotYeti’s basic and premium features that makes them outrank their competitors.

Wide Range of Services

When working with either freelancers or in-house designers, you will always be limited to the capabilities of your team at hand. When you need to tap into a different specialty, a lengthy and tiresome hiring process begins.

DotYeti efficiently provides the quality and range of services that agencies offer minus the sky-high fees and long waiting times. Their scalable model means you can dial your creative horsepower to exactly match your needs at any time.

They also make the graphic design experience stress-free by successfully eliminating all the hassles that come with other options. Whether that’s cost, time, or flexibility.

Dedicated Designers

Even with the Basic plan, you’ll get dedicated top-talent designers working on your projects from start to finish. They maintain consistency so that all designs remain on-brand and can be quickly re-created. Since your designers will be deeply familiar with your requirements and visual identity.

With the Premium or Royal plans, you’ll have access to your very own Art Director, account manager, and extra designers to increase design output. These streamlined solutions hand you an on-demand complete graphic design team, without the unnecessary stresses and costs.

Unlimited Revisions

Clients enjoy unlimited revisions for all design requests that can be speedily delivered once the initial draft has been given the green light. This is significantly more creative freedom than with freelancers and agencies that specifically limit you to a handful of revisions.

Although revisions are welcome, DotYeti’s platform ensures that revisions are kept to a minimum by adding transparency and clear communication to the entire design process. If anything is unclear, their graphic designers personally reach out to discuss and clarify these points with the client so that no valuable time is wasted.

World-Class Communication Platform

DotYeti’s newly launched platform is optimized to process requests and revisions. It’s packed with user-friendly features like on-image feedback tools, draft saving, transparent delivery dates, entire project overviews, and even a direct chat function.

They’ve made it a point to have all design files in one place to maximize convenience and to keep track of drafts. A team is also on hand to help address any questions or hiccups you may encounter. Although staffing may be limited on public holidays, they never leave a client’s request behind.

It’s clear that communication is one of their core values when creating consistently engaging graphic designs and when offering personalized services.

Perks & Benefits

DotYeti maintains active social media accounts that regularly post thought-provoking content as well as case studies. If you visit their LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram accounts, you’ll see that it’s rich with shareable knowledge.

They also have a page for free downloadable resources. This includes e-books and guides to mastering digital marketing KPIs and social content strategy, to name a few.

Their blog, on the other hand, keeps a finger on the pulse of industry trends. It’s where you can get a sneak peek behind the scenes into what’s buzzing in the design community. The blog also contains invaluable tips on how to succeed in the digital marketing world with powerful graphic designs in all forms.


Have a look at the DotYeti portfolio

DotYeti portfolio

While choosing a graphic design service, the most important thing is to judge their work by looking at their portfolio. You can quickly have a look below or you can directly see all of it on their website.

Motion Graphics Showreel

Creative Work Showreel

DotYeti pricing

How much do DotYeti’s design services cost?

They have three design plans: Basic ($449/month), Premium ($1,145/month), and Royal ($2,395/month).

Each plan thoughtfully covers all your creative needs, from social media graphics to animated GIFs, and from custom illustrations to a new logo design. Besides the plans, they can also fulfill one-off design requests for smaller projects.

DotYeti pricing

Clients enjoy 5% off when choosing the 3-month subscription and 10% off when choosing the 6-month subscription. If you’re already clear on the design output you’ll require for the few months ahead, then the 3 or 6 months subscriptions are much more cost-effective.

On their website, you’ll see which plans come with one dedicated designer and which one comes with a full creative team.

Free Trial and Money-Back Guarantee

DotYeti is committed to developing a long-term relationship with its clients that’s grounded in trust and joy. A lot of their initial services are available for free.

Apart from the free trial they provide through a free design credit, they also offer free consultations. Through which they provide a comprehensive brand strategy that’s been crafted especially for your needs.

On top of that, their services are proudly backed by a 14-day money-back guarantee. This allows you to try them out 100% risk-free and see their creativity for yourself.

They’ve also recently developed a new system for those who are unsure about the prospect of paying for a full month’s worth of unlimited graphic design services!


DotYeti alternatives

The software listed below are complete Unlimited Graphic Design Services, which offers quite similar features as DotYeti. We also wrote an article about the Best Unlimited Graphic Design Services.

The modern Internet age has certainly helped connect the demand for high-quality graphic designs with an international market. It’s possible to collaborate with designers from all over the world. Just by going online and browsing for the most suitable service for your project and budget.

We’d like to highlight a few alternatives you may have come across below.

Design Pickle Review – Unlimited Graphic Design Service

Design Pickle Review – Unlimited Graphic Design Service

In this Design Pickle review, you’ll find more information about its features, pricing, pros and cons and why you …

Design Pickle provides businesses with graphic designs and illustrations for a flat price. They’ve worked with a variety of clients and have an extensive portfolio to back up their claim of rapidly delivering high-quality designs.

However, because Design Pickle handles a high volume of design requests, the quality of their creative designs will vary. Some designs may feel templated and unoriginal and they churn out content.

Furthermore, their graphic design plans lack flexibility. You can only choose between 4 separate graphic designs, custom illustrations, presentation design, and motion graphics plans. This becomes unnecessarily complicated and expensive when you have upcoming design requests that are a mix of all these different formats.

Penji Review – Unlimited Graphic Design Service

Penji offers a rapidly growing on-demand graphic design service at a fixed monthly rate. It’s a great choice for clients looking for a flexible no-contract solution and is supported by a money-back guarantee.

Clients will also enjoy full ownership of the final designs and speedy turnaround times. However, it’s important to note that you may be missing out on the full value of your design plan. Unless you consistently have design requests to fulfill. Penji is only worth their pricing if you average at least 8-10 hours of design work a month.

Draftss Review – Unlimited Graphic Design services

Draftss Review – Unlimited Graphic Design services

In this Draftss review, you’ll find more information about its features, pricing, pros and cons and why you should …

Draftss is an up-and-coming graphic design service that features weekly subscriptions plans as a unique selling point. They also cover web & app UI/UX design and coding services in their premium plans.

Clients with projects that have both design and coding elements can find both at Draftss. However, the weekly plans certainly add up, especially if you have unexpected or sporadic design needs and find yourself constantly renewing your subscription. To access the coding services, you’ll have to fork out more cash.

Finally, Draftss designers will only process 1 task at a time unless you opt for their most premium (and expensive) plan. This results in longer timelines for big projects. As it’s required that you wait for 1 design to be approved before moving on to the next one.


Why you should use DotYeti?

DotYeti is an on-demand, efficient and affordable unlimited graphic design solution that easily scales with your business growth.

Their Basic, Premium, and Royal plans allow you to seamlessly offload all creative production so you can focus on what matters most.

The team of carefully vetted graphic designers works together to deliver only the best designs that feel personal, meaningful and that certainly fire up your marketing campaigns.

They are deeply familiar with the rapid pace of execution for creative content and their experts are updated on the latest industry trends.

Their mission is to make graphic design accessible for businesses of all sizes, from all industries, that have unique targets to hit. DotYeti is truly committed to ensuring that you are getting your money’s worth by choosing them as your creative partner.

They dedicated a special page with numerous good reasons why you should sign-up for their unlimited design plan.


  • High-quality designs that are on-brand, pixel-perfect, and incredibly creative
  • On-demand graphic design teams that work in two shifts to accommodate global clients
  • Sleek design platform that houses all your creative files, where you can launch a dedicated chat with your designer and gain a transparent overview of project status
  • All plans can be easily upgraded or canceled depending on your graphic design needs
  • Designs delivered in 48 hours
  • Design credits can be purchased and redeemed whenever you need a one-off design that goes beyond your original subscription
  • A variety of perks that they’ve negotiated with partners to level up your workplace productivity
  • Commitment to excellent service and productive discussion so you get exactly what you envisioned
  • 14-day money-back guarantee


It wouldn’t be a proper DotYeti review without the cons, would it? There’s a lot right with their services, but there are things that they can also improve.

  • Don’t do rushed projects
  • No coding services
DotYeti Review – Unlimited Graphic Design service
DotYeti Review – Unlimited Graphic Design service
Start at $449/month
Start at $449/month Visit DotYeti

If you need advice, do not hesitate to contact us via our live chat, we will gladly advise you.

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