Divvy Review – Corporate Cards and Expense Software

In this Divvy review, you'll find more information about its features, pricing, pros and cons and why you should consider using it.
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The all-in-one expense management solution

The Divvy Business Card may be among the most advantageous business cards available if you can pay your payment in full each week. However, if you can only make one monthly payment, the card’s attractiveness may be restricted to its budgeting features and rotating offers.

Customer support
Value for money
Ease of use
  • Sync for financial analysis
  • Rewards on your spending
  • Real-time visibility
  • Totally free to use
  • Tools to control your spending
  • Statement credit and reports
  • The rewards rate is disappointing if you pay your credit card balance once each month
  • Lack of clarity on costs for international transactions and late payments

Are you looking for an all-in-one expense management solution to effectively manage your business expenses? If so, then Divvy is the perfect solution. It can help business owners to keep track of their spending and offer multiple features like virtual cards, accounting integrations, reporting and insight, AP automation, payment services, and much more.

Is it safe, or what is the price? Are you considering these concerns? If so, this review article will show everything you need to know, like what Divvy is and how it can benefit your business compared to other expense management software. Here you will also find what key features Divvy offers and the pros and cons of using it, so read on.

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Quick Overview

What is Divvy?

Divvy is one of the best expense management platforms offering a complete finance solution for all sizes of businesses. It covers various aspects of business expenses like tracking spending, reimbursements, budgeting, accounting integrations, and payment services that help businesses save time and thousands of dollars.

The thing that makes Divvy on top compared to others is its ease of use and a huge range of features that offer a 360-degree view of business expenses. With this, you can build a budget plan, monitor spending in real-time, and get complete insights to make informed decisions about future expenses without any complications.

Divvy is a safe and secure platform because it uses industry-leading account security protocols and PCI DSS certification to protect customer data. In addition, Divvy offers fraud protection and SOC2 Type 1 compliance to ensure that customer information is always safe. You can easily apply for the business card and get started with Divvy by signing up for a free account.

The best thing about Divvy is that it’s free to use, meaning you can manage your expenses without any upfront costs. This world-class spend management software is available in both web-based and mobile app versions so that you can control your expenditures on the go.

With a Divvy card, you have access to all the funding you need, whether you want to spend on software subscriptions or want to pay employees. The Divvy credit card line up to $15 million means you don’t need to worry about empty pockets. Divvy also offers a prepaid card with no credit limit to those who are related to construction work or contractors.

People who are new Divvy customers will also receive a sign-up bonus. Customers can also get reward points and withdraw their credit scores through different redemption options. For those who want to take their business to a height without any funding tribulation, Divvy is the perfect solution.

Divvy specifications

FeaturesControl Reimbursements Easily / Integrations / Real-Time Budget Tracking / Rewards / Virtual Credit Card
Best suited forSmall businesses, Mid size businesses, Large enterprises
Website languagesEnglish
Website URLVisit official website
Support linkSupport page
Support email[email protected]
Live chatYes
Company address13707 S 200 W Ste 100 Draper, UT 84020
Year founded2016


Divvy pricing: How much does Divvy cost?

Divvy is a complete solution for all sizes of businesses to track their expenses, control spending, and manage other financial tasks. People can use all the Divvy features without paying any monthly or annual fee.

Pricing range100% free
Pricing typesLifetime payment
Free planYes
Free trialNo
Money back guaranteeNo
Pricing page linkSee plans

Divvy pricing plans


Divvy Plan ($0.00):

  • No confusing contracts
  • No hidden fees
  • No annual fee
  • Unlimited access


Divvy features: What can you do with it?

Virtual Credit Card

For any business, managing subscriptions or making purchases online is difficult because you require to fill in your credit card number every time, which is a hectic task, and sometimes you may forget. So, here Divvy comes into the picture as your new best friend for managing subscriptions and making purchases online with its virtual Credit Card feature.

With this feature, you will get a unique 16-digit card number that is digitally generated and tied to your business account. This will help you to use your virtual card for online payments everywhere, which will, in turn, keep your real card number protected. You can use these virtual cards to control everything better for any business, whether small or big. It also shows you every detail of your employee’s credit card so that you can track it to get expense reports.

In reality, with this, you will get real-time visibility into every transaction. For those who want to keep their business safe from any vendor overcharges and compromised accounts, Divvy is the best option for you, as it offers a card for every vendor.

Control Reimbursements Easily

The reimbursements request approval process is the most crucial and time-consuming part of the expense management process because it’s often manual. With Divvy, this process is automated through approvers, who are notified via text or email when there is a new request. With this, you can see and control all the expenses in one place, which means less stress for you.

It also offers a Divvy app and a two-step approval workflow that allows you to upload your receipts and push notifications for approvals, meaning you can easily and quickly reimburse your employees. Suppose you are looking for expense management software to help you manage and save your business money and payroll reimbursement headache. In that case, Divvy is the answer because it eliminates the time-consuming reimbursement process you’re used to and replaces it with an easier, faster flow.


Looking for a platform that offers rewards, gift cards, bonus points, and discounts on every payment you make? If so, then Divvy is the right choice for you because it offers all of that; just sign up for a Divvy account. For business owners, this is an awesome way to save a lot of amount cents in the form of points which they can later redeem for prizes or discounts.

The amazing thing about this is that it is 100% free, and you have the freedom to choose how often you get paid out. For Divvy customers, there are also special offers that change all the time so you can keep earning new and different rewards. As a result, your small business will reach new heights without any hidden costs.


Everyone knows that when managing fund requests or syncing your card transaction data with your accounting system, it’s one of the hardest tasks that can take up a lot of your time, but with Divvy, this is no longer the case. Divvy offers flexible integrations that you can use to easily connect to your accounting software and quickly manage fund requests using Slack without any annual fees and complications.

With this, you can easily setup multiple software like Quickbooks, Oracle Netsuite, and Sage Intacct. The best thing is that all of Divvy’s tools are completely free to use, so there are no hidden costs or charges for upgrades. If you are searching for an easy and effective way to manage fund requests, then you need Divvy’s Slack integration to make your life 10x easier.

Real-Time Budget Tracking

Tracking previous, current, and future spending is essential to keeping your business on a budget because it allows you to see abnormalities and make necessary adjustments quickly. Divvy’s budget tracking features give you full visibility into your spending so you can keep your team accountable and on track. With this level of control, you can avoid overspending and ensure that your budget stays on track.

Divvy also allows you to download your data so you can work with it offline or in another application. This feature is especially useful for those who want to manipulate their data or build custom reports. You can also download and use the mobile app to check your budget on the go to ensure you’re staying on track while you’re out of the office.

For those who want to track their budget in real-time, the Divvy mobile app is the perfect solution because it has everything that businesses need to stay on top of their spending. With Divvy, you can be confident that you’re getting the most comprehensive view of your spending so you can make informed determinations about your budget without any annual fee.


Divvy review: Why you should use it?

If you are looking for an all-in-one solution to manage all your business expenses, then Divvy is the software for you. It offers everything that business owners need, like Real-time budget tracking, integrations, and rewards, making it one of the most comprehensive expense management software on the market.

The amazing thing about Divvy is that it’s free to use, meaning there are no hidden costs or charges for upgrades. With this, you can save a lot of money and time on managing your expenses. In reality, this expense management solution is perfect for those who want to take their business to new heights without any roadblocks.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is Divvy a real credit card?

Yes, Divvy is a real credit card and a part visa payment network. People can use a Divvy business credit card to make payments anywhere around the world with granted a line of credit. Cardholders can also apply for the corporate card and divvy business card with an active internet connection from their comfort of home.

How does Divvy pay work?

It works like a credit card but with some key advantages. It can front-load its account with as much or as little credit line as they want. This way, they only spend what they have, which helps control cash flow. Businesses can track where every dollar goes in real-time through the Divvy app, so they always know what’s being spent and where.

Is Divvy good for small businesses?

Divvy is the world’s best spend management system that helps all sizes of businesses reach the highest level. But for small businesses, it is a good choice because when they spend with Divvy, they can earn reward points.

Divvy Review – Corporate Cards and Expense Software
Divvy Review – Corporate Cards and Expense Software