PhoneRescue Review – Smartphone data recovery solution

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9.4Expert Score
A Powerful Software for recovering your missing data on your Smartphone

Phonerescue is a very powerful software to search for missing data. It does not just return to the deleted or lost data, but also assists you in resolving certain blockages related to your device. Its versatility is suitable for multiple devices. Therefore, it can be used for each user.

Customer support
Value for money
Ease of use
  • Can recover all types of deleted files
  • Easy to use and cheap
  • Multilingual
  • 60 days money back guarantee
  • The free version does not allow to display a preview of the data to be restored
  • The success rate will not necessarily be 100%.

Of course, it doesn’t often happen, but we have all had the experience of accidentally deleting important files on our phone. When such a situation occurs, it’s usually unfortunate that we can’t do anything about it, unless we go back in time with a time machine.

The first idea we all had been to look for a program that is able to restore our files. But unfortunately, there are many applications available that may not support your smartphone or require a previous backup.

If you’re reading our Phonerescue review article, it’s probably because you’ve looked into it and found this potentially interesting software that could recover your data.

PhoneRescue save your data

So we decided to test the performance of this software and give you our opinion. After reading our article, you can decide whether to use this software to restore your data. It is also an opportunity to understand the features of this software in order to evaluate their usefulness in solving the problem.

PhoneRescue Features

What can you do with PhoneRescue?

PhoneRescue is an application that allows you to restore information that has been unintentionally deleted from your computer. If a document, image, contact or message is deleted, this software can reset and save all the lost files. Then available on your computer, you can also restore files from the previous backup.

The PhoneRescue functionality of the software is numerous and it is available for both iOS and Android devices. With your iOS device you can restore data not only from the device but also iTunes and iCloud.

iTunes cyclic backup can also help in the recovery process. The software supports multiple iPhone, iPad and iPod series.

Data recovery ios

In the Android system it gives you the opportunity to root and unlock your device. Likewise, it supports multiple Android devices and Android tablets.

Data recovery from your device

To restore data you can delete your information, you have the ability to return them directly from your device. You do not have to keep them on your computer before you send them to your smartphone.

Recover data

The application allows you selecting the files you want to restore. Unlike other applications, you do not have to restore all files and create manual selection.

Data recovery from other sources

To minimize the loss of data, you probably have some files stored in iTunes, iCloud and other. PhoneRescue uses these platforms to restore your files. You can use spare copies even harder to restore data.

Recoverable file types

contacts recovery

PhoneRescue can find nearly 31 different deleted files. In addition, you can restore images, Words files, Excel files, PowerPoint files, contacts, call history, audio files, text messages, attachments, recordings and notes.

PhoneRescue Data analysis

In fact, it allows you to analyze data. This review can be done in depth or later. When this analysis fails, it considered the root of the device to restore the deleted information.

Choice of recovery format

When the file is recovered, PhoneRescue suggests the output format of the files to be recovered. Thus, you will be able to find your lost file in “.html”, “.text” or “.csv” format.

Other PhoneRescue features

PhoneRescue functions go far more than their recovery function:

  • For iOS devices, it solves issues related to updating, blocking and restarting.
  • On Android devices, the phone will help you to re-assign you as the smartphone system administrator. This will gives you access to all the characteristics of Android without restrictions.

On the other hand, if you forget your password or lock on the screen, it is very easy to delete the lock screen, fingerprint or an old password that is stored on your device.

How it works?

How does PhoneRescue work?

If you want to restore your loss files, you need to install PhoneRescue on your computer. It is available for Mac OS and Windows.

Only after installation you can use the functions on your device. Just start the phone application on your computer and connect it to your phone using a USB cable.

For an Android phone user, activate the USB debugging first on your phone. You can do this:

  • Go to the “Configuration” on your smartphone and find “Options for the developer” and finally “debugging”
  • Allow debug on your computer.

The debugging step is not required for the iOS device. The phone automatically installs your device on your computer.

Data Analysis

When it is ready to go, PhoneRescue asks you to choose the information you want to get back. This can be, for example, your message, images and contacts. One recovery process allows you to restore different information.

The next step is to activate scanning. As soon as the software receives the confirmation, the analysis begins. At the end of scanning, the software gives you an overview of all the information that it believes can be handled efficiently.

Recovering files

After the analysis and display of all the recovered data, PhoneRescue will not automatically recover them. You can select the files you want to get back.

This software has an option that allows you to preview information in the data preview before selecting it. So you can make sure that this is the file you want to recover.

After this manual selection, you can also change the file format to receive images, videos, contacts and other. Then you have to choose the purpose of your file. So you can choose them directly from your smartphone or computer. As soon as the selected option is activated, the data recovery starts after validation.

PhoneRescue Pricing

How much does PhoneRescue cost?

The features of PhoneRescue software are worth it. To benefit from it, you have the choice between three packages, for iOS or Android. You can also download the free version.

iOs PricingAndroid Pricing
Phone rescue ios pricing
Android pricing

Pay attention to the prices which are slightly different depending on the version of your phone.

PhoneRescue pricing for iOS

There are 3 different packages including the possibility to buy a lifetime license, let’s detail them below:

  • An annual subscription for $49.99 that allows you to get all the professional features for one year and for only one computer (so one license).
  • A lifetime subscription for only $59.99 that works the same way as the annual subscription but it’s a one-time payment.
  • An annual subscription for 10 licenses at $299, so you can use the software on up to 10 computers.

PhoneRescue pricing for Android

There are 3 different packages including the possibility to buy a lifetime license, quite similar to the iOs pricing, let’s detail them below:

  • An annual subscription for $39.99 that allows you to get all the professional features for one year and for only one computer (so one license).
  • A lifetime subscription for only $49.99 that works the same way as the annual subscription but it’s a one-time payment.
  • An annual subscription for 10 licenses at $299, so you can use the software on up to 10 computers.

You’ve probably been attracted by the lifetime offer, which is considerably cheaper than one year’s license. However, if you have to offer a company with a number of employees, it is advisable to get the yearly offer with many licenses.

PhoneRescue money back guarantee extends to 60 days. You have the opportunity to get refunded if the features do not meet your expectations.


Frequently Asked Questions

Does PhoneRescue work?

Well it can’t be 100% efficient but it does work and can recover the files you lost!

Is Phonerescue free?

They have a free version with limited features but yes PhoneRescue can be used for free.

How much does phonerescue cost?

It costs around $50 for the lifetime license.

Is Phonerescue legit?

Its own by Imobie that created many softwares and they actually have more than 85 reviews for their Phonerescue product.


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PhoneRescue Review – Smartphone data recovery solution
PhoneRescue Review – Smartphone data recovery solution

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