Colossyan Creator Review, Pricing, Features with Pros and Cons

In this Colossyan Creator review, you'll find more information about its features, pricing, pros and cons and why you should consider using it.
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The AI video platform for Workplace learning

Unlock the future of video creation with Colossyan Creator, a platform that combines user-friendly design, multilingual support, and unparalleled versatility. Say goodbye to complicated software and hello to quick, high-quality videos that speak your brand’s language. With features that foster collaboration and customization, Colossyan Creator is the ultimate tool for turning your creative vision into captivating visual stories.

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Value for money
Ease of use
  • Collaboration
  • Versatility
  • User-friendly
  • Support for over 70 languages
  • Lip-sync and gestures inconsistencies
  • Subtitle limitations
  • Voice generation

Dive into the transformative world of Colossyan Creator, the AI-driven video creation tool that’s redefining how we produce and consume video content.

From leveraging real actors and customized avatars to offering extensive customization and collaboration features, this platform is a one-stop solution for all your video creation needs.

Whether you’re a novice looking to dip your toes into video production or a seasoned professional seeking to streamline your workflow, discover how Colossyan Creator is setting new standards in video creation, all while overcoming its minor limitations.

Read further to learn more about Colossyan Creator, in our review we will detail its features, pros and cons with our rating, and a conclusion about why you should use it.

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What is Colossyan Creator?

Colossyan Creator is an AI-powered video generation platform designed primarily for workplace learning. The software allows users to convert text into videos, featuring a range of AI avatars as presenters.

It offers functionalities like screen recording, translation, and automated voice-over in multiple languages. Users can also import PowerPoint and PDF files to create videos.

The platform is equipped with templates optimized for various scenarios, including product demos, employee onboarding, and more.

Colossyan Creator cover

Colossyan Creator aims to simplify the video creation process, boasting a time-saving feature that can auto-translate an entire video with just a few clicks. It has received positive reviews for its ability to enhance learner engagement and reduce video generation time.

Colossyan Creator specifications

FeaturesAI Assistant / AI Prompts / AI Video Editor / AI Video Generator / AI-Generated Video / Add Audio to Video / Add Subtitles to Video / Automatic translation / Brand kit / Create your own avatar / Custom Avatars / Generate avatar / Multi-Language / Real-time Collaboration / Screencapture / Talking Avatars / Team and Collaboration / Text to video / Text-to-Speech / Video Editing Tool / Workspace
Best suited forIndividuals, Freelancers, Small businesses, Mid size businesses, Large enterprises
Website languagesEnglish
Website URLVisit official website
Support linkSupport page
Live chatYes
Company addressLondon, England
Year founded2020


Colossyan Creator pricing: How much does Colossyan Creator cost?

Navigate the flexible pricing options of Colossyan Creator, designed to fit every budget and need. With plans ranging from $28 to custom enterprise solutions, there’s a package for everyone, whether you’re an individual creator or a large organization.

Choose the plan that unlocks the right set of powerful features for your video creation journey.

Pricing rangeFrom $35 to $600 per month
Pricing typesAnnual subscription / Monthly subscription
Free planYes
Free trialYes
Money back guaranteeNo
Pricing page linkSee plans

Colossyan Creator pricing plans


Starter Plan

  • Price: $35 per month
  • Video Minutes: 120 minutes per year
  • Max Video Duration: 5 minutes
  • Features: AI script assistant, prompt to video, no watermark, 3 auto-translations monthly

Pro Plan

  • Price: $120 per month
  • Video Minutes: 480 minutes per year
  • Max Video Duration: 20 minutes
  • Features: Everything in Starter plus multiple avatars per scene, AI image generation, 10 auto-translations monthly

Enterprise Plan

  • Price: Custom pricing
  • Video Minutes: Unlimited
  • Max Video Duration: Not specified
  • Features: Everything in Pro plus 20+ premium avatars, unlimited auto-translations, enterprise security features

Free Trial

  • Video Minutes: Limited
  • Max Video Duration: Not specified
  • Features: Limited access to features

Each plan offers different levels of features and video minutes, allowing you to choose the one that best suits your needs.


Colossyan Creator features: What can you do with it?

From a robust editor and intelligent import capabilities to advanced collaboration and branding options, each feature is crafted to meet the diverse needs of users.

Whether you’re an educator, a corporate professional, or a content creator, these features provide the flexibility and power to create engaging, high-quality videos with ease.


The Editor in Colossyan Creator is a robust, feature-rich environment that serves as the central hub for all your video creation needs. It employs a drag-and-drop interface, making it incredibly user-friendly even for those with limited technical skills.

The editor supports multiple layers, allowing you to add text, images, animations, and even interactive elements like buttons or quizzes. Real-time previews are another highlight, enabling you to see the impact of every change instantly.

The editor is also versatile in terms of output, supporting a wide array of video formats and resolutions. This ensures that you can create videos that are optimized for various platforms, be it social media, webinars, or mobile apps.

Advanced features like color correction, audio mixing, and timeline editing provide a professional touch to your videos.


Colossyan Creator pdf and ppt to video

The PPT & PDF import feature is a game-changer for anyone who relies heavily on presentations for their work. Unlike basic conversion tools, this Colossyan Creator feature employs intelligent algorithms to extract various elements such as text, images, and even charts from your PowerPoint or PDF files.

Once imported, these elements become fully editable within the Colossyan Creator editor. You can rearrange them, apply animations, or even enhance them with additional media.

This feature essentially transforms static presentations into dynamic, engaging videos, making it invaluable for educators, trainers, and corporate professionals.


Screencapture elevates the standard screen recording feature by offering a suite of advanced functionalities. You can select specific areas of your screen to capture, ensuring that only relevant content is recorded.

The feature also allows for the recording of system audio, providing a more comprehensive capture of on-screen activities. Additionally, you can include webcam footage, which is particularly useful for creating tutorial videos where face-to-face interaction adds value.

Settings like frame rate and resolution can be customized, giving you control over the quality of the capture.


Collaboration is designed to facilitate team-based video creation. Colossyan Creator offers real-time co-editing, allowing multiple users to make changes to a project simultaneously. This is synchronized in a way that everyone can see the changes as they happen.

This Colossyan Creator feature also includes robust version control, enabling you to track changes and revert to previous versions if necessary. This is particularly beneficial for larger teams or complex projects that require contributions from various departments or expertise.


Colossyan Creator conversation

The Conversation feature is a unique offering that enables the creation of simulated dialogues between multiple AI avatars. This goes beyond mere script reading; you can set the emotional tone, pace, and even non-verbal cues for each avatar.

This results in highly realistic and engaging conversations that can be used in a variety of scenarios such as customer service training, interactive storytelling, or role-playing exercises in educational settings.


Colossyan Creator Workspaces act as dedicated environments for organizing your video projects. You can create multiple workspaces based on different criteria—be it different departments in a company, various educational courses, or even different clients if you’re an agency.

Each workspace can have its own set of templates, media assets, and even team members with varying permission levels. This compartmentalization makes it incredibly efficient to manage multiple projects without any overlap or confusion.

Brand Kit

The Brand Kit is an advanced feature aimed at ensuring brand consistency across all your video content. It’s not just about uploading a logo or selecting a color scheme; the Brand Kit allows you to define a complete set of branding guidelines.

This includes specific fonts, color palettes, logo placements, and even default templates that align with your brand identity. Once set up, these guidelines can be automatically applied to all future projects, ensuring that every video you create reinforces your brand’s look and feel.

Text & Speech

The Text & Speech feature is a comprehensive tool for adding both visual and auditory elements to your videos. Users can add text overlays that can be customized in terms of font, size, and color.

For voiceovers, the feature offers a variety of synthetic voices that can read the text in different tones and styles. You can also adjust the speed and pitch of the voice to match the mood of the video.

This feature is particularly useful for creating explainer videos, tutorials, or any content that benefits from both visual and auditory information.

Colossyan Creator text

Text to Speech

The Text to Speech feature is a versatile tool that converts any written text into spoken words. Colossyan Creator offers a wide range of voice options, from natural-sounding to robotic voices, and supports multiple languages.

You can also adjust the speed, pitch, and tone of the voice to better match the content and mood of the video. This feature is especially useful for creating audiobooks, podcasts, or any content where a human narrator isn’t available.

Video with Subtitles

Video with Subtitles goes beyond just adding text at the bottom of the screen. It allows for real-time synchronization of subtitles with the spoken words in the video. Users can customize the appearance of the subtitles, choosing from different fonts, sizes, and colors.

This Colossyan Creator feature also supports multiple subtitle tracks, allowing you to offer subtitles in different languages simultaneously. This makes your content more accessible and inclusive, reaching a broader, global audience.


The Languages feature is a multi-faceted tool designed to make your videos globally accessible.

It supports a wide range of languages for both text overlays and voiceovers. This means you can create a single video and have it narrated in multiple languages, or offer text overlays in various languages.

It’s an invaluable feature for businesses and educators looking to reach a diverse audience without creating multiple versions of the same video.

Automated Translation

Colossyan Creator translation

Automated Translation is a powerful feature that leverages advanced machine learning algorithms to translate your entire video content into different languages. It not only translates the text overlays and subtitles but also offers translated voiceovers.

The translations are context-aware, ensuring that the meaning of the content is preserved. This Colossyan Creator feature eliminates the need for manual translation, making it easier to distribute your content globally.

AI Script Assistant

The AI Script Assistant is like having a professional scriptwriter at your disposal. It uses natural language processing to generate scripts that are not only grammatically correct but also engaging and relevant to your topic.

You can provide a general outline or specific points you want to cover, and the AI will generate a script accordingly. This feature is particularly useful for those who may not have strong writing skills but want to produce high-quality video content.

AI Prompt to Video

AI Prompt to Video is an innovative feature that takes a user-provided prompt and turns it into a full-fledged video. The AI analyzes the prompt to understand the context and the type of content needed.

It then generates a video complete with visuals, text overlays, and voiceovers, all tailored to fit the prompt. This feature is perfect for quickly creating videos for social media, marketing campaigns, or educational content.


Colossyan Creator avatar

AI Avatars

The AI Avatars feature serves as a revolutionary approach to video presentation, offering a gallery of pre-designed, lifelike virtual presenters that can be used in videos.

These avatars come with a range of expressions, gestures, and voice modulations, making them almost indistinguishable from human presenters.

They are designed to engage the audience effectively, providing a more dynamic and interactive viewing experience. Users can choose avatars that best fit the context and tone of their content, whether it’s a formal business presentation or a casual educational video.

The avatars can be scripted to say specific lines, ask questions, or even react to user input, offering a highly interactive and engaging viewer experience.

Custom AI Avatars

Custom AI Avatars takes personalization to the next level by allowing users to create their own virtual presenters. This feature offers a suite of customization options, including facial features, clothing, voice type, and even specific gestures and expressions.

Users can build an avatar that aligns perfectly with their brand identity or the message they are trying to convey.

For instance, a company can create an avatar that resembles their CEO for corporate announcements, or educators can create avatars that resonate with the age group of their students.

The custom avatars can be saved and reused across multiple projects, ensuring a consistent and personalized viewer experience. This Colossyan Creator feature is particularly beneficial for businesses and individuals who want to establish a unique brand presence in their video content.


Colossyan Creator review: Why you should use it?

Colossyan Creator is a compelling choice for anyone looking to produce high-quality videos without the need for specialized equipment or expertise.

The software’s AI-driven capabilities simplify the video creation process, offering features like real actors and customized avatars to make your content more engaging. It’s optimized for speed, allowing for quick video creation in over 70 languages.

The platform also offers extensive customization options, from brand kits to automated translation, making it a versatile tool for various video creation needs. Moreover, its collaborative features enable multiple users to work on projects, enhancing productivity.

Colossyan Creator conclusion


  • Ease of Use: Colossyan Creator is designed to be user-friendly, making it accessible even for those with limited technical skills.
  • Multilingual Support: With support for over 70 languages, it’s ideal for global reach.
  • Versatility: Colossyan Creator is flexible enough to generate various types of videos, from educational content to marketing campaigns.
  • Collaboration: Features that allow multiple users to work on a project simultaneously enhance teamwork and productivity.


  • Subtitle Limitations: Colossyan Creator has some limitations when it comes to adding subtitles.
  • Lip-Sync and Gestures: Some users have noted inconsistencies in lip-syncing and hand movements of the avatars.
  • Voice Generation: While Colossyan Creator offers voice-over capabilities, the generated voice can sometimes sound robotic.


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Colossyan Creator Review, Pricing, Features with Pros and Cons
Colossyan Creator Review, Pricing, Features with Pros and Cons

Colossyan Creator review
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