Cocolyze Review – French SEO software

In this Cocolyze review, you'll find more information about its features, pricing, pros and cons and why you should consider using it.
8.8/10 (Expert Score)
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8.8Expert Score
The Complete French SEO software

Cocolyze is a French SEO solution. You can audit your website, spy on and source your competitors, find backlinks keyword opportunities, analyze your backlinks, and write optimized content using semantic analysis with their tool.

Customer support
Value for money
Ease of use
  • Fair pricing
  • French software
  • Complete SEO tool suite
  • SEO writing tool
  • Lack of data
  • Young software (can be improved)

Here is what we will talk about in the rest of this article:

Cocolyze is a French SEO app, and although 80 percent of its clients are in the United States, the existence of a French software on this subject is unusual enough to warrant reporting.

Cocolyze, established in 2018 by Tennesse Veldeman, places itself as an all-in-one tool close to Semrush. If you want to learn all about Semrush, you may read our Semrush review.

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The French company focuses on the user experience through a modern design and the inputs of the data it processes. Rather than providing raw data, the software offers the data as well as the recommendations that go with it.

What is the French SEO software really worth? What is its specialty and what are its strengths and weaknesses? Is it a future French, European or global leader?

You will discover, in this article, all the features, strengths and weaknesses of the SEO software thanks to our detailed analysis.

Cocolyze features

What can you do with Cocolyze?

Position tracking

Cocolyze offers a simple interface to have all the important data about your positions on search engines at your fingertips. The interface is uncluttered and includes the following elements:

  • Position tracking with 7-day and 30-day evolution
  • Mobile and desktop position
  • Competitor analysis
  • History
  • Search volume
  • CPC estimation
  • Data exports
  • Daily email alerts
  • Customizable dashboard

The French software really stands out for its design which makes reading the data easier, a real strong point for the SEO tool.

Technical audit

The French SEO software offers a module to analyze the technical part of your site. The software crawls your site (goes over each page to study the technical aspects) to propose a complete report and recommendations.

This module has the advantage of being very complete and easy to understand on a rather complex subject. Most SEO software offer this audit and, in order not to lose our good habits, we will continue to tell you that some software like GT Metrix, Google Search Console or Pingdom Tools offer a free technical analysis just as thorough.

So don’t choose Cocolyze only for the technical audit part, even if it remains a useful feature.

SEO Writing tool

This module is the second strong point of Cocolyze. If other SEO software offer this feature to a greater or lesser extent, Cocolyze is the easiest to use and it corresponds perfectly to the customers of the French software.

This part of the software consists of helping the reader to optimize the writing of his text by taking into account the recommendations known on the copywriting part. In detail:

  • Keywords to use
  • Detection of keyword stuffing
  • Semantic cocoon
  • Ideal structure
  • Text length
  • Keyword density
  • Meta and title tags
  • Pre-visualization tool

This module is an excellent help to check that your content meets the requirements of search engines.

Backlinks search

Less detailed and simpler than some backlinks specialists, Cocolyze still gathers all the elements needed to improve your netlinking:

  • Gained/lost backlinks
  • Domain authority
  • Page authority
  • Date of detection
  • Detection of toxic backlinks

It is interesting to know that Cocolyze uses the Majestic API for its backlinks part.

Who is Cocolyze for?

Who should use Cocolyze?

Cocolyze is aimed at marketing and SEO professionals, but also at the less professional thanks to its simplicity of use. The software is very complete with a reasonable price. The SEO tool should be considered only when you have a budget dedicated to SEO within your company or for your project.

Some SEO software are specialized on the backlinks, crawling or keyword generation part, Cocolyze is an all-in-one tool. Unlike other “elitist” software, Cocolyze is more adapted to freelancers or small businesses.

Cocolyze pricing

How much does Cocolyze cost?

The software offers a 30 days free trial and the subscription is without any commitment.

Cocolyze pricing

Cocolyze Essential offer at 49,99€/month

  • 100 keywords tracked
  • 3 websites maximum
  • 2 users access
  • 1 year history
  • And all the tools provided

Cocolyze Pro offer at 99,99€/month

  • 500 keywords tracked
  • Unlimited websites
  • 3 users access
  • 48 months of history
  • And all the tools provided

As much as the Essential offer seemed light to us, the Pro offer is very competitive and will satisfy many users. For 99,99€/month, it is one of the best quality/price ratio on the market.

Cocolyze Reseller offer at 199,99€/month

  • 1000 keywords tracked
  • Unlimited websites
  • 50 users access
  • 10 years of history
  • And all the tools provided


Why you should use Cocolyze?

Cocolyze is an excellent surprise! We recommend this SEO software for two categories of users: on the one hand, people who know little about SEO and who need a tool that is easy to use and understand and offers the most useful features, and on the other hand, users who are looking for a very competitive price.

  • All in one SEO software
  • Fair pricing
  • Ease of use
  • SEO writing tool
  • Many features
  • Young software
  • Lacking of data

If you need advice, do not hesitate to contact us via our live chat, we will gladly advise you.

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