AVG TuneUp Review – Clean & Fix Your PC Easily

In this AVG TuneUp review, you'll find more information about its features, pricing, pros and cons and why you should consider using it.
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8.9Expert Score
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AVG Tuneup is an easy-to-use computer optimization and cleaning program that helps identify unnecessary caches and garbage impeding a system’s performance and provides complex and comprehensive solutions to clean up junk files and free up space.

Customer support
Value for money
Ease of use
  • Thoroughly cleans your computer
  • Simple and straightforward user interface
  • Automatically repairs and optimizes your CPU
  • Regularly cleans the registry items
  • Automatic Maintenance maintains after your PC
  • Sleep Mode optimizes your PC
  • Removes bloatware and unnecessary programs
  • With a single click, you may update all of your programs
  • Fairly expensive
  • There are no unlimited licenses

With the revolutionary development of technology, computers can now provide optimum and enhanced performance while storing a substantial percentage of media and files. However, no matter how many novel technologies are incorporated, some systems are occasionally afflicted with undefined glitches that impede device performance.

Nothing rivals the vexing sensation of suddenly encountering performance issues, especially under stressful circumstances. Assume you are supposed to deliver a file by a tight timeframe, and your laptop is straining to run and crashes in the middle of the process. Isn’t it infuriating?

Most PC owners download device management or cleaning software to deal with unusual scenarios. The objective of this type of software is probably apparent to you; the purpose of cleaning software is to give users practical tools that detect and clean any unnecessary rubbish that may impede the ideal operation of a system.

Device cleaning software like AVG Tuneup has been favored and suggested by many as a must-have for practically all PCs because of its simple-to-understand interface and regular updates. By cleaning, they don’t remove crucial apps; instead, they remove any unwanted cache or rubbish left over by browsers and other programs and take up space on your hard drive. Consequently, your system’s performance will be optimized.

If you’re wondering what AVG Tuneup is, it’s a popular device cleaner antivirus application launched by AVG Technologies that is designed just for PCs and is ranked among the top 10. The platform offers users several alternatives to quickly and easily clean up the system junk by providing users tools to identify unnecessary clutter. Although the software’s complex features constitute a significant factor in its popularity, the platform’s straightforward and reasonable price structures are also essential.

Read further to learn more about AVG Tuneup, in our review we will detail its features, pros and cons with our rating, and a conclusion about why you should use it.

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Quick Overview

What is AVG Tuneup?

What is AVG Tuneup?

AVG TuneUp, formerly known as AVG PC Tuneup, is a suite of utility software for Microsoft Windows and Mac that assists with managing, maintaining, optimizing, configuring, and troubleshooting a computer system. With its numerous technical strengths, AVG TuneUp can assist you in optimizing your PC for optimal efficiency. Among them are a driver updater, a browser and hard drive cleanser, and a software uninstaller.


AVG Cleaner, unlike other popular system cleanup tools such as Avast, Norton, and CCleaner, offers a comprehensive dashboard and functions as antivirus software. This PC tuneup application offers myriad features to clean the RAM and other desktop issues detrimental to performance.

AVG Tuneup specifications

FeaturesComputer optimizer
Best suited forIndividuals, Freelancers, Small businesses
Website languagesEnglish
Website URLVisit official website
Support linkSupport page
Live chatYes
Company addressAmsterdam, Noord-Holland, The Netherlands
Year founded1991


AVG Tuneup pricing: How much does AVG Tuneup cost?

AVG Tuneup provides a 7-day free trial that grants users access to all advanced features accessible on the site. After the trial period, consumers can choose between paid plans ranging from $29.99 to $34.99, depending on the number of devices.

Pricing rangeFrom $29.99/year to $34.99/year
Pricing typesAnnual subscription
Free planNo
Free trialYes, 7 days
Money back guaranteeYes, 30 days
Pricing page linkSee plans

AVG Tuneup pricing plans


Users can choose between paid but unlimited options after the free trial. AVG TuneUp usually costs $29.99 for an annual subscription for one PC or $34.99 for a 10-PC subscription. However, this is only for the first year.


AVG Tuneup features: What can you do with it?

AVG Tuneup is renowned for its straightforward user interface, which only needs a short setup process and allows users to efficiently carry out necessary cleaning operations with a single click. There is no room for uncertainty when using AVG Tuneup because each feature offered on this platform includes a thorough description of how to use it.

Installation & Setup

To install TuneUp, go to the official website and follow the installation instructions. Following installation and other essential setup procedures, users are advised to execute a basic, initial scan for the application to discover and prevent any potential performance draining issues.

Scan now feature

Once the scan has been completed, you will be represented with a list of optimization issues hindering your system performance. You can proceed to click the necessary buttons to carry out essential tasks. 

The Tuneup interface is divided into maintenance, Free Up Space, Fix Problems, Speed Up, and All Functions for rapid access to specialized utilities. Users can conduct particular tests under these categories to detect any potential concerns.


The maintenance section can assess your system’s general health and functionality. It’s a quick way to ensure that system caches and browser data aren’t taking up disk space and that your computer’s startup program and shutdown operations are as quick as possible.


The automatic maintenance feature of AVG removes browser history, tracking cookies, cache files, and software. The maintenance tab periodically performs checks on your system and fine-tunes it so you can use the PC quickly and efficiently. In case you have deleted an important file or folder you can swiftly retrieve them via the rescue center.

Speed Up

The speed Up tab, as you may have anticipated, is the section where users may optimize the system’s overall speed. The system performs tests to determine which task is taking up the most space and then takes multiple actions to improve the program’s overall speed.

Speed up process

AVG Tuneup uses priority management settings, which assign higher priority based on the application’s process rate. For example, playing games will notice a noticeable change in other programs’ reactions and performance rates. To keep the system operating smoothly, the application will automatically change the process priority of any new processes you create if it notices excessive utilization.

Free Up Space

The Free Up Space menu is used to remove obsolete files, thereby freeing up space and significantly improving application performance. Using this tab, you can get rid of duplicate files, clean up your system’s cache and log files, and erase your browser’s data. Along with an AVG uninstaller for other applications, further tools are available to search for and remove unusually large files and directories. 

Free up space

You may use the uninstaller and deep clean capabilities under this menu, where the former detects bloatware and assists you in removing it, as well as unnecessary files. While the latter uses Disk Cleaner to clear your hard drive and make room for essential software.

Fix Problems

AVG Disk Doctor, Driver Updater, and VPN is available under the Fix Problems area.

Fix problems feature

The AVG Disk Doctor performs particular tests to detect critical and difficult-to-spot faults plaguing the system. The AVG Driver Updater is a driver updater that scans your computer for outdated and faulty drivers. The function ensures that older versions are updated to the most recent versions.

Finally, and perhaps most crucially, VPN services are available to customers to ensure internet security and integrity.

Additional Tools

TuneUp features a large number of tools, and the All Functions tab is the best way to see them all. A handful is exclusively included here, such as registry defragmenter and other registry issues tools.

Here is a list of the additional valuable tools available in AVG Tuneup.

Disk Cleaner

AVG’s Disk Cleaner tool performs checks to look for redundant and garbage files, removes those that are found, and makes space. By doing so, you will increase system performance and save up disk space.

Browser Cleaner

Similar to the disk cleaner, the browser cleaner performs checks to identify any unneeded browser cache or other data that may still be there. The unnecessary cache is removed for performance and privacy concerns, improving the application’s security and efficiency. The majority of widely used browsers, including Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and many more, are compatible with this feature.

Registry Cleaner

Registry Cleaner is primarily intended for usage by Windows users. It searches your Windows Registry for and removes any unneeded items. Unwanted registry entries can be removed to reduce errors and crashes and speed up your machine generally.

Disk Defragmenter

Although undesirable debris and viruses are typically the leading causes of performance slowness, there is a potential that files will be disorganizedly and dispersed throughout your hard drive if the reasons mentioned above are not the case. Utilizing this option will consolidate fragmented files on your hard disk, speeding up data access.

Sleep Mode

Sleep Mode is one of the many options offered by AVG TuneUp. It does this by finding programs with many starting items or background processes running and putting them to sleep until you need them. It reduces the resource demands placed on your PC and keeps operations moving quickly.

Software Updater

The software updater performs tests to look for out-of-date versions that might also be the source of performance slowdown in an application. Running this test will give you a list of out-of-date programs and will automatically update them.

Software Uninstaller

Not all software is appropriate for a PC. Without your knowledge, your computer may occasionally be filling up with a ton of software that is not currently being used. Users can use Software Uninstaller to remove bloatware, toolbars, and other unneeded apps rather than removing each one individually. This helps clear up hard disk space and could aid in weeding out dubious software.


AVG Tuneup review: Why you should use it?

Tools for system optimization are essential, particularly for Windows users. It is impossible to predict when a system will crash, or try your patience by loading resources and applications exceptionally slowly. Installing system optimization tools in your system is a must, if not a requirement.

Although there are many options on the Internet, AVG Tuneup is one of the best applications for system optimization. It provides users with a wealth of capabilities to identify, monitor, and optimize the system. Users can quickly perform tests on your system with one click and optimize them in the next second, thanks to various scanning and cleaning tools.

AVG TuneUp works on Windows, Mac, and Android operating systems. This broad interoperability is a significant advantage, as most device optimization programs are only compatible with one or two operating systems. Finding one that works on both PCs and mobile devices will be hard.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is AVG Tuneup any good?

AVG Tuneup is one of the best system optimization solutions on the market. The program is loaded with features and functionalities that help PC users run tests and address performance issues in seconds.

Does AVG Tuneup own your app?

AVG Tuneup is an all-in-one system optimization and security solution that does not compromise your data for any nefarious reason.

How much does AVG Tuneup cost a month?

AVG Tuneup offers a 7-day free trial and the option to upgrade to a premium plan. The paid plans range from $29.99 to $34.99, depending on the number of devices you intend to use the application.

Is AVG Tuneup free to use?

No! The application provides a free seven-day trial period, after which users must choose a premium subscription. The lack of a free version may not be an issue because the paid plans are cost-effective.

AVG TuneUp Review – Clean & Fix Your PC Easily
AVG TuneUp Review – Clean & Fix Your PC Easily

AVG TuneUp Review
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