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In this Atlas VPN review, you'll find more information about its features, pricing, pros and cons and why you should consider using it.
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Atlas VPN is mainly designed to bring the world to your fingertips. It has 750 servers in 37 various countries and uses the next-generation WireGuard tunneling protocol. The service also proffers prominent security features, no ads, and a reliable no-logs policy.

Customer support
Value for money
Ease of use
  • The free version of the VPN
  • Affordable Premium plan
  • Live Support
  • Have Web Filters
  • Free Version
  • Multi-Hop connections
  • Fewer servers than the competitors

Atlas VPN User Reviews

Have you ever felt that your privacy is being affected or the FBI knows you more than your parents? And you would also be wondering what anyone could do with the identity of a broke person; well, they can do things beyond your expectations. Therefore, when it comes to privacy, it should be something that should be solely concerned for a person. 

As the internet is progressing, you are being exposed more and more. To counter this, you also have to disguise yourself. And for that, clever people on the internet use VPNs.

VPNs not only help you keep your identity safe but also confuses the person (or organization) who is tracking you. This is mainly done by rotating your location and changing your IP address to different places. As a result, nobody would know where your secret nuclear bunker is at.

Well, many VPNs have extremely useful features, but unfortunately, they are paid VPNs. In this money-generating software, there comes Atlas VPN; it’s free and also has a premium version but the cool thing about Atlas VPN is that the premium membership is quite affordable. Trust me; this price won’t make your money in the bank lose its worth.

Read further to learn more about Atlas VPN, in our review we will detail its features, pros and cons with our rating, and a conclusion about why you should use it.

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Quick Overview

What is Atlas VPN?

Atlas VPN is an excellent location-changing genie that offers an all-around service and works with all torrent clients. Moreover, it is feasible to use, safe, and secure, and is available at a very reasonable price along with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Atlas VPN is mainly designed to bring the world to your fingertips. Atlas VPN is suitable for freshers, has user-friendly applications, and has an amazing free version.

Atlas VPN Review – Fastest Free VPN Service #ciroapp

The best at its best! Atlas VPN is efficient in unblocking streaming services such as Netflix and nearly everything.

Atlas VPN also proffers prominent security features, no ads, and a reliable no-logs policy. However, Atlas fails badly when it comes to providing more than the essentials.

Furthermore, Atlas VPN not only has 750 servers in 37 various countries but also uses the next-generation WireGuard tunneling protocol.

Although new in the market, Atlas VPN has shown reliability and attracted approximately six million users.

NordVPN, the obedient child of NordVPN s.a., has recently been made a brother of Atlas VPN. We hope the company will try its utmost to improve Atlas to its best!

Atlas VPN specifications

FeaturesAI sales assistant / Ad free experience / Affiliate system / Chatbot / Dashboard / Different languages supported / Easy to use / Live chat / Location tracking / Malicious Code Scanning / Membership integration / Mobile app / Monitoring / Network management / Shared server / Website Security
Best suited forIndividuals, Freelancers, Small businesses, Mid size businesses
Website languagesDeutsch / English / French / Spanish
Website URLVisit official website
Support linkSupport page
Live chatYes
Company addressLithuania, the United Kingdom, Panama and the Netherlands.
Year founded2019


Atlas VPN pricing: How much does Atlas VPN cost?

Atlas VPN costs $1.83 per month (3 years) to $10.99 per month (1 month). As the prices go up, the features and perks also improve.

Unlike many other VPNs that offer big discounts, besides the three years plan, there’s no other plan on which Atlas VPN gives a discount. You can choose the three years plan, and after using the Atlas VPN for the first month, you can keep on the plan or ask for a refund if you are not satisfied.

Pricing rangeAtlas VPN costs $1.83 per month (3 years) to $10.99 per month
Pricing typesAnnual subscription / Monthly subscription
Free planYes
Free trialNo
Money back guaranteeYes, 30 days
Pricing page linkSee plans

Atlas VPN pricing plans


There are three plans:

  • One month: costs $10.99 per month.
  • One year: costs $3.29 per month
  • Three years: costs $1.83 per month

In addition, Atlas VPN is one of those few VPNs which offers a free subscription that users can use without even buying the premium version. Even though many other VPNs have some limitations regarding the free version, Atlas VPN proffers users unlimited bandwidth across the three VPN server locations, i.e., New York, Los Angeles, and Amsterdam. Free users are also allotted two simultaneous connections.

However, Atlas VPN limits users who use Atlas VPN for free in terms of the amount of data. Unlike other VPNs such as TunnelBear VPN, which gaps its users only 500MB per month, free users on Windows can get 10GB per month, whereas Android, macOS, and IOS users can receive 2 GB per day. Nevertheless, Atlas VPN is still behind compared to ProtonVPN as ProtonVPN gives its free users unlimited data and provides premium plans at a reasonable price.

Apart from this, an Atlas VPN subscription can be purchased from any major credit card, PayPal, or Google Pay. Still, if we compare the payment method with IVPN and Mullvad VPN, they accept anonymous cash payments and use a privacy-protecting semi-anonymous account system.

You can now buy premium membership with Bitcoins and any other cryptocurrencies. Just like VPNs are based anonymously, so should the payment methods. Most payment details are exposed and vulnerable; this allows various cyber attacks to take place. But paying with cryptocurrency, your payment data will stay anonymous, and you won’t lose your anonymity.

Let me bring, in a nutshell, what the free version and premium subscription can provide you.

Free Service

  • Two simultaneous connections.
  • Military and financial institutes-like encryption.
  • Access to three locations; Amsterdam, Los Angeles, and New York.
  • Monthly data of about 5GB.

Premium Service

  • Get access to 750 servers and 30 locations all across the world.
  • Live chat (24/7) customer support
  • SafeSwap servers
  • Atlas VPN app for Android TV and Fire OS
  • Unlimited browsing data
  • More speed performance
  • SafeBrowse feature
  • Data Breach Monitor
  • Tracker Blocker feature

And much more.

How To Buy Atlas Vpn’s Premium Membership With Cryptocurrencies?

To pay a subscription with cryptocurrencies, you need to first have a crypto wallet. Not only can you buy the subscription with Bitcoin, but you can also use Bitcoin Cash, Ether, Litecoin, Ripple, and Monero to purchase the subscription. Below are some steps to buy a subscription with cryptocurrencies:

  • Go to the Atlas VPN’s pricing page
  • Select the desired premium plan that suits you the best
  • Enter the email address through which you want to manage your Atlas VPN membership
  • Under the payment methods, choose Cryptocurrencies 
  • Select “Continue to CoinPayments”
  • Now choose the cryptocurrency you want to make the payment with
  • Fill out the billing information
  • Select “Complete Checkout”
  • Follow the instructions CoinPayments proffers to complete the purchase


Atlas VPN features: What can you do with it?

Jack of all Atlas VPN withholds many prominent features which, when compared to VPNs’ functionality, makes it a fine VPN and can be called amongst the Best VPNs in the market. The features like SafeBrowse and Data Hack Detention make it more attractive to both premium and free customers even though there is still some space left for more improvement, which, we believe, will be upgraded by the parent company of NordVPN.

Just true to its objective, Atlas VPN does not fail to give the best. As other VPNs are solely made to unblock streaming services, Atlas VPN does its utmost to satisfy the customer by unblocking anything desired by the customer. Let’s see how Atlas VPN works with streaming platforms.

Famous Streaming Platforms

Atlas VPN Famous Streaming Platforms


Well, it wouldn’t be surprising to conclude that many videos are restricted and available for only a specified and particular audience. For instance, the restricted NBA highlights video is only available for United States viewers. With Atlas, this can easily be unblocked and can be watchable to connect with Atlas servers. 


Have you ever run out of movies or shows on Netflix? Well, don’t worry more; by using Atlas VPN, be rest assured that numerous libraries will be unblocked. Furthermore, you can get access to Netflix US in no time and can also avail of the recommendations popular in the US. Beyond, you can also get speeds of approximately 37Mbps on a New York server.

No shows to watch? Hit Atlas VPN up!


As you already know how the infamous Disney+ is known for its geo-restrictions. You would eventually be astonished as through Atlas VPN; you can watch entire libraries with only one click instantaneously. 

BBC iPlayer

The ability of Atlas VPN to unblock BBC iPlayer is also worth a mention. You might also wonder what the fuss is when other VPNs do the same. The most appreciable thing about Atlas VPN is that if you unblock the BBC iPlayer, you wouldn’t feel any stutters or buffering issues.


Unfortunately, because of DAZN’s strict service, many VPNs fail to unblock this giant; so does Atlas. Don’t rely on Atlas when it comes to unblocking DAZN; it’s Atlas’ bitter weakness.

Nevertheless, Atlas VPN does not unblock any sites with a free version. So we would prefer always opting out for a premium membership rather than one on whatever VPN you use.

Infinite Synchronous Connections

image 5

Despite every other VPN increasing the number of connections or decreasing them, the most pleasing thing about Atlas VPN is that it allows unlimited simultaneous connections as well as offers services with no restrictions.

You can also download torrents or stream on platforms on as many devices as you want.


All praise to WireGuard tunneling protocol; Atlas VPN gives users fast speeds in numerous regions. We know tests are not meant to be taken seriously when it comes to checking the speeds of VPNs as it mainly depends on other factors as well. However, to satisfy the general conclusion, a test was made.

The overall result was pretty much fine; however, a download drop-off was detected when the Atlas VPN was moved to the Asia Pacific. Besides that, except in Australia, the upload speeds remained gradually high. In a nutshell, the results are pretty much moderate and aren’t much of a thing to worry about.

Moreover, by using Atlas VPN, you couldn’t feel any delays while browsing or gaming. You could also stream videos without interruption, load websites steadily, and upload and download files without major issues. However, you might feel a fluctuation in internet connectivity when activating the Atlas’ Kill Switch.

Privacy and Security 

Atlas VPN Privacy and Security

When it comes to a VPN, Privacy and Security are the two most important factors you should look at. Atlas VPN makes certain that your private data logs, such as your IP, location, or internet usage, are not kept so it can remain safe and unaffected. 

The privacy policy concludes that Atlas VPN doesn’t collect any information or data that can trace internet usage to you. What’s more, is that the data is encrypted (scrambled into a complex, complicated text), which means that it is secured and cannot be interpreted by anyone. Therefore, it becomes pretty difficult to determine your connection.

A thing to be a little suspicious about is that the payment information you make via Google Play or Apple Store those details don’t stay anonymous. According to Nord Security policies, Atlas VPN will eventually get a third-party audit in the future.

A question would arise what you could do with the data being collected? Well, people living in California can ask for a copy of their data and information. However, non-US residents can ask customer support for an edit or full termination of their data.

Atlas VPN only logs the data, which it seems is useful, like providing premium features to its users or maintaining its services. All in one, Atlas VPN privacy policy states that they may only obtain information of these types:

  • The data about the app’s usage, like connecting, disconnecting, altering settings, etc., is changed.
  • The information on your device like the model, operating system, type of device, and much more.
  • Identifiers of Devices: IDs, assigned to your device by the operating system’s manufacturer, accessed for marketing and analytics purposes.

Let’s further see how Atlas VPN gives its best.

Kill Switch

image 4

Atlas VPN also provides a Kill Switch for all of the applications. So whenever you lose your VPN connection, Kill Switch automatically disconnects your device from the internet to make sure that your privacy remains safe until your VPN is reconnected.

No IP or DNS Leaks

When you use a VPN, the primary aim is to change your location without any trace of your actual location. That’s where Atlas VPN is proficient.

Atlas VPN has no DNS, IPv6, or WebRTC leaks because of which your actual location wouldn’t be revealed unless you are on some other planet.

2FA Login Procedure

Two-factor authentication allows a solid security layer to be implemented on your credentials. Whenever you log in to your account from an unauthorized or an unrecognized device, this feature will ask for a code to confirm sent on your email. This prevents any unauthorized access to your privacy.

Encryption and Tunneling Protocols

Atlas VPN uses AES 256-bit encryption along with the IPSec/IKEv2. Truly said, this encryption is also used in the military and financial concerns. Therefore, this would give users a sense of relief about how safe it could be.

Additionally, with WireGuard as a tunneling protocol, Atlas VPN ensures high security and superfast connection speeds. Although it’s not compatible with macOS and IOS at the moment, however, some more protocol options are on their way.

Split Tunneling

image 1

Split Tunneling is a mobile-exclusive feature of Atlas VPN. With Split Tunneling, you can send part of your internet traffic through an encrypted VPN tunnel. The remaining traffic is channeled outside the VPN. 

Likewise, this is quite useful when you are facing problems with some applications with a VPN on, or you want to access local content without disconnecting yourself from the VPN.

Furthermore, this feature can be easily enabled in mobile applications from the Settings. You can choose the apps that can only access the internet through your ISP. In contrast, the rest of the data will remain secured by the VPN.


The primary objective of this feature is to protect the user from malware. So whenever you visit a page that contains a malware threat, the VPN will disallow it to open up the page. However, the dilemma is that the feature is not compatible with Windows, making it less popular for tech savvies as most use Windows.

Data Breach Monitor

image 3

Feature, exclusive to mobile phones’ applications and locate any email address which is made vulnerable to exposure and unauthorized access. You can use this feature to know exactly where your essential data has been intercepted. To use this, just simply enter your email address, and the feature –after monitoring– will tell you whether your information has been compromised or not.



SafeSwap servers persistently rotate your IP address for extra security. Although SafeSwap is unavailable for macOS users, it has three main servers, available only with the premium version of Atlas VPN, in the Netherlands, Singapore, and the US.

SafeSwap allows your anonymity to be unaffected. This is done through routing your outgoing traffic with various IP addresses that switch randomly without affecting the speed.

At last, dedicated IPs are not appreciated by Atlas VPN currently, so you are unable to choose your permanent IP; just use whatever generated IP you get from a server connection.

Best Location Detector

For a newbie, looking for a good VPN with the best server would be quite complicated. However, with Atlas VPN’s Best Location Detector, you can easily find the most appropriate virtual location for you. However, keep in mind that there are mainly fewer servers than other VPNs. And you don’t have to worry further about download speed, although it is compromised with only some locations.

Because of the user-friendly interface, it’s quite easy to connect. You have been put off the Wanted list just to turn on the button.

Servers and Locations

Atlas VPN Servers and Locations

Atlas VPN has a total of 750 servers in 44 locations all across 37 countries. Compared to other VPNs, this is a pretty disappointing thing; however, in the future, more have yet to come.

Nonetheless, the free version only allows access to two locations:

  • USA (New York and Los Angeles)
  • The Netherlands

Let’s further see the country and the server locations which Atlas VPN provides:

  • Australia: Sydney
  • Belgium: Brussels
  • Bulgaria: Sofia
  • Austria: Vienna
  • Czech Republic: Prague
  • Canada: Montreal
  • Estonia: Tallinn
  • Denmark: Copenhagen
  • France: Paris
  • Finland: Helsinki
  • India: Chennai
  • Hungary: Budapest
  • Germany: Frankfurt
  • Hong Kong: Hong Kong
  • United States: Miami, Los Angeles, New York, New Jersey, Dallas, Phoenix, and Las Vegas
  • UAE: Dubai
  • United Kingdom: London
  • Spain: Madrid
  • Sweden: Stockholm
  • Switzerland: Zurich

And many more…

Tracker Blocker

image 2

Even though the VPN does all the encryption and security, marketers and advertisers still manage to follow your online activity across the web through trackers.

Tracker Blocker prevents third-party trackers from gathering insights into your online behavior and personal information that would later be used to send target ads.

Tracker Blocker also informs you about the trackers you run into. So whenever you surf the web again, you are aware of those trackers. Furthermore, It also tells you who is tracking you and when the tracking started.

Nowadays, online ads are those guests’ kids which annoy you and trigger your temper. Well, Tracker Blocker also serves its role as an ad blocker. Not only will it prevent all the pop-ups, banners, and advertisements from coming up, but you can also then mainly focus on what matters to you.

When ads keep popping up on each and every page that opens, your speed suffers. Tracker Blocker blocks ads and gets your browser to browse fast by blocking ads before they even load.

Have you also wondered why your data is draining instantly even if you aren’t using it that much? That’s essential because of the ads and the pop-ups. Tracker Blocker blocks these pop-ups and ads to prevent them from using up your data. As a result, your costly data will be saved, and you can enjoy your internet data.

Atlas VPN’s Tracker Blocker also plays the role of Batman. This digital Vigilante saves you from gaining access to malicious websites. Tracker Blocker ensures that your devices and data remain safe and secure and allows you to surf the internet freely.

Some vulnerable ads and websites allow viruses, spyware, pharming, and other types of malicious and harmful code to ruin your computer. Tracker Blocker blocks all of this filthy malware coming from online sources.

You already know that scams are a part of everyday life, and when it comes to the internet, with one step, you will be flourished with millions of online scams. This could be pretty easily prevented with Blocker Tracker. Blocker Tracker prevents phishing and other websites that ruin your computer or obtain personal information.

How to Activate Tracker Blocker?

As you know, Atlas VPN’s Tracker Blocker is a premium-only feature. If you have a premium membership, open the Atlas VPN app and log in.

Afterward, go to the Assistant section and select Tracker Blocker. Subsequently, choose Explore Tracker Blocker and turn on Block Trackersto enable the feature, but before it, be sure that Atlas VPN is on.


The interface of Atlas VPN’s application is pretty feasible to understand and navigate through. On the home screen, you can find an “On” button which can connect you to the nearest server available. Relatively, you can choose your desired location from the list of servers and connect it immediately.

Following the three tabs (All, Streaming, and SafeSwap), on the left of the home screen, you have a menu where you can get into the Settings. You can further customize the features, such as the protocol and kill switch, from here. Also, on the bottom left, you can access Support, where you can further find FAQs, terms of service, and privacy policy.

Mac App

Atlas VPN Mac App

Along with being available on Windows, Atlas VPN also appears on Apple’s Mac fit and fresh. It is much similar to the Windows version but has some tiny visual improvements. Moreover, by installing the application, you can automatically get 2GB of data every day.

It’s like a twin brother of the Windows version and almost has as many features as Windows does. Except for Atlas VPN’s MultiHop feature and its data breach monitor, Mac App offers the users WireGuard and IKEv2 Support, SafeSwap system, SafeBowse Plus ad, malware blocker, and the kill switch.

Besides that, the most useful and user-like features are also being missed by Mac App. For instance, there’s no favorites system, no auto-connecting to Wi-Fi, or no Recently Used List.

Although Mac App has failed to provide more essential features, well 2GB of free data can be taken as compensation to forgive Atlas VPN for that.

Unlike other VPNs, Atlas VPN’s android app performs better than the Windows version. Atlas VPN is unique in its way.

Another close-to-perfection feature is Optional Haptic Feedback. In this, when your device is connected or disconnected to the VPN, it vibrates, letting you know that the FBI is just on its way. It’s also pretty good at seeing location lists that are sorted alphabetically.

Despite one ‘user ease in using interface’ issue, Atlas VPN’s IOS application performs quite well. As it has also gotten WireGuard, it’s become almost identical to the Android version; still, the Android version holds the lead.

Usability of Atlas VPN

The user-friendly interface of Atlas VPN is not as friendly as it states. The VPN somewhat has more technicalities that cannot be easily dealt with by beginners who have no prior experience using the VPN; however, there are still some useful things that must be praised for Atlas VPN.

The Atlas VPN design is astonishing and easy to understand, but it is not detailed. Although the mac and mobile applications work great, you might get some trouble with the Kill Switch. Customer support can also be contacted through email, and Atlas VPN allows premium users to use the live chat.

Customer Support

You can connect to customer service via email or live chat (only if you have a premium membership). What’s more, is that you have to learn the power of patience before using Atlas VPN, as their average response time is 24 hours.

Over and above that, another website is opened when you click on the FAQ. Some basic general answers and elaborations can guide you in fixing your technical issues.

Furthermore, through and for all users, email support is available, whereas premium users can use 24/7 live chat support to solve any queries of theirs. If we compare live chat and email support, Queries answered by email took quite some hours, while questions on the live chat were answered in no time. 

For a while, Atlas VPN’s support website has improved quite well. As it now also covers basic installation, usage, and troubleshooting problems. Still, a long way to become the champion of all.

See ExpressVPN‘s windows setup page, and you’ll notice that there are six different Windows guides covering the application, OpenVPN setup, manualL2TP setup, Microsoft Surface, and Windows MediaStreamer. And on the other hand, open the Windows Installation Article for Atlas VPN, and you’ll see that it contains only a guide to installing the Windows application –which even a toddler can do. Thus, we can sadly conclude that Atlas VPN is far behind in the race.

Fewer Ads

Do you want to go no ads? You must buy the premium. It’s a shame to provide value but fail to enhance the users’ experience. As we all know, more advertisements cause users’ satisfaction to downgrade. Although this ad-free experience may be for premium users, many users only use the free version.

Servers and Locations

image 6

Despite allowing only two locations in the free version (the Netherlands and USA), Atlas VPN has approximately 750 servers in 44 locations all across 37 countries. This small step can turn out to be a leap for VPNs in the future.


Atlas VPN indirectly allows torrenting and has P2P-optimized servers, allowing users to use BitTorrent without any issues. Just like most VPNs, Atlas VPN’s privacy policy also acknowledges copyright law under its terms; if you are going with non-copyright stuff, you are alright.

Although SOCKS5 proxy and port forwarding features are not in Atlas VPN; thus, it’s not apt for P2P activities. If you want to torrent anonymously, Atlas VPN is the most fitting choice.

You can get download speeds of an estimated 70 Mbps, which is quite appropriate for BitTorrent. The free version is not recommended because of limited servers when it comes to torrenting.

Device Connections

This feature is a gem, and most VPNs don’t offer it. With the premium version, Atlas VPN can support unlimited devices. You can feasibly set up the VPN on any of your devices and get the best out of Atlas VPN.

Data Hack Detection

Despite its technical name, this premium feature only checks whether your data and information have been in any data breaches or not. I’m foretelling; that free users won’t have any kind of access to this feature.

Atlas VPN’s Data Hack Detection performs pretty well for reference when you try to fix security holes. Likewise, if your data has appeared in a data breach, revealed data will be shown to you in bullet points. You can then check whether your passwords were leaked or your email was affected.

Affiliate Program

Atlas VPN Affiliate Program

Besides privacy protection and security features, Atlas VPN also offers an Affiliate program. Not only can you buy Atlas VPN, but you can also receive money from Atlas VPN as well. This is done by promoting Atlas VPN and earning money.

Nevertheless, with Atlas VPN’s affiliate program, you’ll get an account manager who will guide you through sales and processes to further boost your product and company. 

Furthermore, with this program, you’ll get more perks that aren’t even relevant to VPNs but are offered by Atlas VPN as a bonus. Atlas VPN team will help you to increase your conversion rates and let more traffic in. The team will also help you in UX/UI, design optimization, SEO, and customized content to scale up your online business.

Lastly, you can monetize your website or platform at its finest. Atlas VPN’s affiliate program enables you to get help from experts in getting high conversion rates. You will also get profound commissions through the famous TUNE.

How To Join The Affiliate Program?

In just these simple steps, you can become a part of Atlas VPN’s Affiliate Program.

  • First, sign up by making an account on the Atlas VPN website.
  • Afterward, you will receive an affiliate link and essential information to start.
  • Now just promote Atlas VPN and earn your commission on the sales you make!

Who should use it?

Who should use Atlas VPN?

VPNs are used by people who don’t want to be detected. If you want to know the general audience of using the VPN, then I should sadly say that those PUBG players whose pings don’t quite settle in their geographic location. 

Well, many people use VPNs to secure their identity online. And many others choose VPNs to access those geo-restricted perks that users in their home location can’t access.

Atlas VPN offers different servers for various purposes. For instance, the Streaming server is used by users to watch their favorite content at higher quality and speed. The MultiHop+ server is used to make your data more secure by adding an extra layer of security, connecting a VPN server to another server. And the SafeSwap server allows users to surf through the internet with different IP addresses, so they can’t be easily located.

Conclusively, as threats about data being leaked are all around the web, everyone must use VPNs to ensure their safety and protection online. And the most pleasant thing about VPNs is; that you can HAHA react to elites’ social media posts and can use VPN to hide from organizations. 


Atlas VPN review: Why you should use it?

Overall, Atlas VPN plays a fine role as a VPN. The free version is close to as perfect as a free app can get. 

Atlas VPN is also now bought by Nord Security. Therefore, it is expected that the Atlas VPN will improve quite a lot. And due to its proficient features, it is now being recalled at the same standards as Nord VPN.

The support provided by the Atlas VPN is also professional, but having a live-chat feature in the free version may quite get a lot of popularity to Atlas VPN. Still, there is some space for improvements; for example, Atlas VPN should also expand its capability of unblocking streaming platforms, problems in Kill Switch should be addressed, and the IKEv2 protocol should get updated.

Lastly, we would suggest that you give it a try first before buying the premium plan.


Atlas VPN Alternatives

Before subscribing to Atlas VPN, it’s always a good idea to check out the competition and find the best VPN software for your needs. You can find the Atlas VPN alternatives here.

Here are some versus to compare Atlas VPN with its competitors:


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