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In this AMZScout review, you'll find more information about its features, pricing, pros and cons and why you should consider using it.
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AMZScout, the tool made for Amazon sellers

AMZScout is an online application that helps you discover lucrative Amazon goods and niches.

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Amazon is the world’s biggest online marketplace. It is possible to sell almost any kind of goods there. The old bookshop is now a major player in the business.

Many individuals may supplement their income by selling goods on Amazon. But you aren’t the only one taking advantage of Amazon’s popularity. In reality, you’re a long way from being alone.

To remain ahead of the competition, you’ll need an outstanding Amazon product research software, which is why I’ll show you how AMZScout can assist your company in this review.

Large sites, such as Amazon, imply more competition. It may be difficult to stand apart. Before you can climb in the ranks of Amazon’s product search results, you’ll need time and a track record.

In every sector and area, there’s many millions of businesses offering products. With their goods and services, businesses must be inventive and creative. They must also utilize software and other technologies to get an edge over their rivals.

There are many product research tools available to Amazon sellers to make their lives simpler. These tools assist them in gaining a better understanding of the marketplace. They also provide advice on how to promote their goods effectively in order to create attention and increase sales.

Amazon sellers may utilize product research tools to better comprehend the marketplace and get access to data sets that can be used to assess product success. They can even keep track of various goods to gauge how well they sell.

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Quick Overview

What is AMZScout?

AMZScout Review – Amazon Product Research tool #ciroapp

AMZScout is among the finest Amazon seller tools available. It is a market and product data research software that may aid in the success of your company. You may use this tool to calculate anticipated revenue as well as learn more about product searches. You’ll understand how to properly conduct business and gain more consumers.

Amazon merchants may use AMZScout to get historical price data and product rankings over time. It may be used to assess the quality of product listings so that merchants can correctly forecast their monthly sales.

The tool was designed to assist businesses and people in making the most of their internet presence. AMZScout can also be used to collect rating information as well as statistics on Amazon Fulfillment costs.

AMZScout is often used by Amazon merchants for the following reasons:

  • To find new product possibilities and perform market research on existing products.
  • To do an Amazon market study and competitor analysis.
  • For data mining, to utilize its amazing data export feature.

AMZScout offers a lot of cool features. Its most important features are the AMZScout Chrome Extension and also the AMZScout Web Application. The web app is a more comprehensive version of the Chrome addon.

AMZScout specifications

FeaturesAmazon Marketing
Best suited forFreelancers, Small businesses
Website languagesEnglish
Website URLVisit official website
Support linkSupport page
Live chatYes
Company addressAMZScout Corp., 1735 Market Street, Suite 3750, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19103
Year founded2016


AMZScout pricing: How much does AMZScout cost?

You may purchase AMZScout on a monthly, yearly, or lifetime basis. The lifetime plan is only available for the AMZScout Chrome extension.

Pricing rangeFrom $45.99 to $49.99 per month
Pricing typesAnnual subscription / Lifetime payment / Monthly subscription
Free plan
Free trialYes, 7 days
Money back guaranteeYes, 7 days
Pricing page linkSee plans

AMZScout pricing plans


You may purchase AMZScout on a monthly, yearly, or lifetime basis. The lifetime plan is only available for the AMZScout Chrome extension. There are two distinct price plans available, each with its own set of features.

The AMZScout Google Chrome pro extension is included in the PRO Extension plan. Everything is included in the Amazon Sellers’ package.

The monthly package for the AMZScout Chrome extension is $44.99 per month, while the monthly package for the Web Interface is $49.87 per month. It’s an excellent method to evaluate what the service can accomplish and if it fits your requirements. The Chrome extension offers a 14-day free trial period, whereas the web app has a 7-day free trial period.

The greatest value for money is to get a yearly plan, which will save you a lot of money.

Currently, AMZScout covers nine nations. Canada, France, Germany, India, Italy, Mexico, the United Kingdom, the United States, and Spain are the countries involved.


AMZScout features: What can you do with it?

The AMZScout Application offers a lot of useful features. It has the ability to handle data from Amazon’s complete search and item database. This gives it a lot more functionality than the AMZSCout Chrome addon.

Once you’ve signed into the app, it’s easy to navigate. All of the essential functionality are included in a custom-designed dashboard. It was created with the intention of making things easier for vendors. It’s a nice change for people who have become irritated with having too much information shown on a single screen.

Unlike the Chrome extension, which is limited to the Amazon platform, the app is cloud-based. Both the web app and Chrome extension have a similar user experience. Their duties, however, are vastly different.

The app offers a number of important features. They’re all necessary for every Amazon FBA tool. There’s a product database, a product tracker tool, an Amazon keyword search, a reverse ASIN lookup, an Amazon keyword tracker, an Amazon index checker, and an Amazon course on how to sell on Amazon. In the sections that follow, I’ll go through all of these methods in more depth.

Product Database

AMZScout Product Database

The Product Database assists merchants in identifying popular products that have the potential to generate higher revenues. Logging onto the dashboard and entering a product ASIN or keyword is all that’s required of merchants. After that, the product dashboard may look for comparable items.

Any comparable products will be found in the search results, together with their information and pictures. The data is simple to comprehend. Sellers may then use this information to determine the selling expenses on Amazon as well as the income produced by similar goods. Filters may be used to filter out goods that are too costly to sell, don’t have a healthy gross profit, or are too aggressive.

You may also go through a number of categories without typing in a search term. You may use this option to add two filters: one that displays product trend information or one that enables you to classify items. Google trends data may reveal a lot about a product’s popularity and how probable it is to purchase.

Avoid goods that have a declining tendency. They are often seen as unattractive and will be more difficult to sell. The material on AMZScout is updated on a daily basis, and systematic searches often uncover items with significant profit potential.

The AMZScout extension as well as the Product Database may seem to contain the same data, however this isn’t the case. The extension offers fewer product category options than the online app. Amazon only classifies items by rank, so you may use the software to organize data in whatever way you choose.

The web application may augment the extension in a variety of ways. Although the extension allows you to receive information directly from Amazon, the app also provides extra data for a variety of parameters.

The Product Database tool can assist you in determining which market niches best suit your requirements. Open the Amazon website and launch the extension whenever you wish to locate a product to sell. The items you’re interested in may then be added to the tracker. Spend some time tracking inventory and sales patterns so you can buy those products when they’re on sale.

Tracker for Products

AMZScout Tracker for Products

Product Tracker allows you to keep track of product sales on a daily basis. You may store all of your things here and build your own database, which you can examine and evaluate at any time. Any product may be tracked. Adding items to your monitoring list is as simple as pressing the save button.

You may add products that you’re already monitoring. Each product has three buttons on the left side. The first button examines product sales, inventory, classification, rating history, and customer feedback. This information’s settings may be adjusted for 7 days, 2 weeks, one month, two months, or a year.

The second option enables you to do an Alibaba product search. This choice will create a new tab in your web browser. This tab will provide Alibaba product search results from Google. When you’ve discovered anything you like, click the “Visit” button to be brought to that item’s page on Alibaba’s website. The page will contain all of the details for that specific item.

You may delete items from your monitoring list using the third button. Items on the list may be removed at any moment.

Reverse ASIN Lookup and Amazon Keyword Search

AMZScout Reverse ASIN Lookup and Amazon Keyword Search

The Keyword Search function in AMZScout may be utilized in two ways. The first step is to identify keywords that are relevant to your listing. This tool may help you find high-volume keywords for goods you currently sell on Amazon.

These are search terms that people use to discover goods or products that are comparable to what they’re looking for. When consumers search for a product on Amazon, using high-volume keywords in the product description or listing may help you rank higher.

Identifying high-demand product niches is the second option. You may start by typing in a keyword. If you offer lawnmowers, for example, you could use the search phrase “robotic lawnmower.” You’ll be given a list of keywords connected to that subject. By scrolling through the results, you could see the search volume at each term.

Based on product competition, you may then utilize that high-volume term to sell a version of that item. That’s how merchants come up with new ideas based on demand for certain products. I suggest using this tool to assist you in locating items that will produce greater income.

When marketing goods, it’s critical to consider the seasons. In the dead of winter, you wouldn’t want to advertise summer-related goods. You may also save the list you’ve made as an Excel file to go at later.

The Keyword Search tool is the same as the Reverse ASIN Lookup tool. You have many of the same characteristics. The main difference is that with Reverse ASIN Lookup, you utilize the ASIN number of a product to grab keywords from rivals in order to enhance your Amazon listing.

Amazon Index Checker and Keyword Tracker

AMZScout Amazon Index Checker and Keyword Tracker

Although Amazon Keyword Tracker as well as Amazon Index Checker are distinct products from the AMZScout Web App, they are combined into a single Google Chrome plugin. That extension is available individually for $29/month or as part of the Amazon Seller’s Bundle price plan.

You may view organic keyword rank and monitor its history compared to rivals’ keywords with Amazon Keyword Tracker. You may use Amazon Index Checker to check whether your product has been effectively indexed and how it ranks in search results.

The Keyword Tracker addon allows you to monitor how your sales and optimization activities influence the ranking of your product listings for certain keywords.

The following are some of the extension’s main features:

  • Using just the ASIN number, track the keywords ranking positions in Amazon serps for your and your rivals’ goods.
  • For numerous keywords, break out the ranking by page and position.
  • Use graphs and various frequency intervals to see keyword position evolves over time.
  • Examine the different variables that affect the ultimate rating.

You may add items for which you wish to monitor keywords once you’ve installed the extension. Get the product’s ASIN number and click “Add Product.” Select the Amazon marketplace where the goods is posted, as well as the product’s tracking frequency. 1 hr, 3 hours, 6 hours, 12 hours, and 24 h of tracking may be selected.

After that, you’ll be able to monitor keywords for that product. You may combine the recommended keywords with your own.

AMZScout Chrome Extension vs. AMZScout Web App

AMZScout Chrome Extension vs. AMZScout Web App

AMZScout is available as a standalone online application as well as a Google Chrome extension. It may be utilized to get access to data that can help increase sales and profitability.

Basic functionality is provided by the Chrome extension, which enables you to extract data in real time. The AMZScout software is a little more difficult to use. It offers additional features that are tough to get from elsewhere.

Unlike those who utilize the AMZScout Pro Chrome extension, Amazon sellers do not need to access the Amazon site while utilizing the AMZScout Web app. That’s because the app comes pre-loaded with the technologies you’ll need to see the data. That isn’t to suggest the Chrome plugin isn’t valuable or significant.

It’s really simple to utilize the Chrome extension. It includes a live profit calculator and may be used to find niche-specific information on Amazon’s search sites, product pages, and seller pages. Get Niche Idea is one of the functions that may be used to assist sellers come up with new methods to improve income or expand out to new target customers.

The AMZScout Pro Chrome extension’s Product Score, Potential Score, and other important features help individuals make smarter choices about growing or diversifying their Amazon marketplace companies. It has a wide range of applications and provides considerable value. The only disadvantage is that the extension is only compatible with Google Chrome.

Any contemporary web browser may be used to access the AMZScout Web app. It has all of the features and functionalities of the Chrome extension, plus it allows users to see quantity adjustments for all of the goods they follow. A keyword explorer is also included in the program.

Extension for AMZScout PRO

Extension for AMZScout PRO

Before you can use the AMZScout Pro extension, you must first install it on your Chrome browser. There is also a free trial period available, so you may try it out before committing to a premium subscription.

After you’ve finished installing the extension, you may use it to browse Amazon. When you click the AMZScout icon, the extension will be enabled, and you’ll see a variety of useful information gathered from Amazon’s website.

The addon provides product suggestions in a variety of categories, as well as product ratings. The potential of a product is used to calculate a product’s score. Regrettably, the plugin is only compatible with Google Chrome. Other browsers are incompatible with it.

The software and the Chrome extension both offer comparable quantities of information. The extension focuses on collecting data for the goods and pages you’re now browsing.

It’s a useful tool that gives you access to a wealth of information. There are just too many to mention here. When you’re already on Amazon’s website, the Chrome addon works perfectly. To learn more about the findings, just click on the extension when on a certain page of Amazon’s website.

In most markets, the extension works with any Amazon website or product search. Find on Alibaba, the Profit Calculator, the Product History graph, Get Keywords, Find on Google, and Copy ASIN are all available by clicking on the results or the empty space in any row. You’ll also notice the Add to Tracker option, which will attach that item to the web application’s product tracker.

Every product or outcome will have its own Product Score grade, which will be color-coded. The items are rated on a scale of one to ten. By hovering your mouse over the grade, you can learn more about it.

Choosing the Niche Score in the top right-hand corner will provide more information about the product niche. This score takes into account a variety of variables to determine how profitable marketing in a certain niche might be. This score is also graded on a scale of one to ten. More information is available by clicking on Niche Score, which is divided into three columns: Profit, Demand, and Competition.

The Niche Saturation Score is another another useful tool. Sellers may question how many other people have discovered the same items. The Chrome plugin removes the element of surprise from the scenario. You’ll be able to see how many other individuals have arrived to the same conclusion. It won’t tell you how many individuals will be selling the identical goods, but it’s still important to know.

The “Niche Idea” button, which will lead you to a random niche with a high niche score, is another interesting element. You may download a CSV file for virtually any product and add items to your favorites list.

According to Google Trends, clicking on the “Trends” button will show you the popularity in a specific product or specialty over time. You’ll see a cloud of keywords linked with the item if you click the “Niche Keywords” option. You may create titles and descriptions for your item based on the keywords so that it appears on first page of search results.

Here are some of the details that the Chrome Extension will provide:

  1. Listing Quality Score (LQS) – This metric indicates how good a listing is. On a scale of one to one hundred, quality is rated. By hovering your mouse over a product’s LQS indication, you may see all of its benefits and drawbacks.
  2. AMZScout’s algorithm estimates sales based on API data from previous month. Sales aren’t overestimated by the tool. In that sense, it’s very conservative. You’ll be able to make more accurate profit and sales projections.
  3. Pricing history — This feature provides you with all of the information you need regarding price fluctuations for certain goods. The date the item was initially made available for purchase on the Amazon website is noted in the data. You’ll be able to see whether the vendor increased or reduced pricing in response to strong or low interest for that item.
  4. Seasonal niches for purchases and general niches should be observed if you’re searching for the appropriate goods to sell. Google is used to collect all information about specialized goods.
  5. Return on investment – This feature allows you to calculate the return on investment for each product (ROI). To calculate the ROI, just open the Profit Calculator and input the item’s purchasing and selling prices.
  6. Rank – This tab displays an item’s position in particular product searches.
  7. Reviews – It’s useful to find out how many people have evaluated a product since it may provide you insight into what they like and dislike about it. Depending on your requirements and the kind of product being evaluated, this details might not be useful.

AMZScout web-based application

The AMZScout online app does not need activation or installation. It is compatible with all major web browsers. If you haven’t already done so, go to, go to the upper right column, and click the “sign up” button. After you’ve completed the registration procedure, you’ll be able to use AMZScout’s online application.

Basic, Start, and Business are the three plans available in the app. The duties of each plan are the same. The only big distinction between them is the number of items you can monitor in the Product Tracker of the app.

The package you choose should be based on the number of items you wish to monitor. Each package comes with a seven-day free trial period. Plan payments may be made monthly or annually.

Currently, AMZScout covers nine nations. Canada, France, Germany, India, Italy, Mexico, the United Kingdom, the United States, and Spain are all supported via the online app.

The app gives you access to Amazon’s complete product catalog. You don’t have to spend time searching for each item individually. The AMZScout app may be used to:

  • Obtain sales projections.
  • Calculate the projected revenue totals for various products.
  • Find popular keywords for the goods you wish to sell by doing research.
  • Analyze sales data from the past and forecasts for the future. You can see if some goods are available all year or are only available during certain seasons. Because the data is derived from Google’s trend database, it may be trusted. You may also check how things are currently selling.
  • To see whether the product you intend to sell will earn money, use the profit calculator.
  • View details about product sourcing and fulfillment. You can figure out whether FBA costs will cut into your profit margins too much so that you can quickly locate other goods suppliers.
  • Product listing rankings and product rankings are updated on a regular basis. You can examine how Amazon sees your goods as well as those sold by rivals.

AMZScout Provides Free Tools

AMZScout Provides Free Tools

Additional AMZScout tools are available for free here:

Calculator for Amazon FBA

The AMZSCout FBA fee calculator is a Google Chrome plugin that is available for free. It may be used to compute fees and other financial information for any product. When you utilize Amazon’s FBA services, there are typically various costs associated.

You must take into account all of your individual costs, such as per-unit fees, shipping, packaging, packing, and product returns. No matter how many various kinds of goods they sell on Amazon, it is a time-consuming task for all merchants.

The price of a product may change at any time. They’re dependent on factors like product dimensions and quantities, whether you want to eliminate an item from your list of products if it doesn’t sell as well as other products, and how long you want to keep an item in the warehouse if inventory problems occur. All of the heavy work is done for you by the FBA calculator.

Open the product page whenever you’re browsing goods, and this extension will calculate the fees and total price for that product.

Because there’s so many variables, FBA expenses may quickly add up. As a result, some products that seem to have a lot of promise become totally unviable. As a result, you can’t simply start selling these goods without first determining if the pricing is reasonable for the item and your gross profit.

Compare Amazon and eBay

This Chrome extension compares product prices and provides a link to a similar item on eBay. Dropshipping may become a more lucrative alternative as a result of this.

While you’re shopping on Amazon, Amazon Smart Shopper will scan to see if any of the goods you’re interested in are cheaper on eBay. If better pricing are discovered, a brief notice will display.

Statistics about the Stock Market

Spy Amazon Stocks allows you to view a competitor’s statistics for a certain length of time, allowing you to plan sales ahead of time. This information is available without exiting the product page.

Daily changes enable you to determine if sales are growing or declining. Comparing specific data for many rivals at the same time is a better option.

Inventory levels, pricing, and other pertinent data may all be examined. It’s a good idea to check stock levels every day and see how many quantities of various products your rivals sell. AMZScout Stock Stats is a free Chrome addon.

Estimator of Sales

You may estimate sales figures for products in different specialized categories using the Amazon Sales Estimator data. Begin by going to Amazon’s main page and typing in the title of the product you’re looking for. To discover particular items, sort the search results.

Go through all of the product listings until you find the top selling rank (BSR). Make a note of that number. Enter the BSR number, classification, and country for the product in Amazon Sales Estimator, then choose the “Calculate Sales” option.

You can’t evaluate an item by its one-day sales. Because sales figures may vary from one day to another, it’s preferable to look at a product’s sales history instead. Using the most up-to-date and accurate applications, checks, and sales trackers may offer you a competitive edge.

Quick View on Amazon

You may compare products directly on their Amazon sites with the Amazon Quick View addon. You’ll get all of the information you need to choose the best things to sell directly in front of you.

The following information will be shown in Quick View: BSR and its history, History of prices, The most effective keywords for an item are The product is sold by the vendors.  The FBA fees for the product, When it was first made accessible, Profit margin, listing accuracy, ASIN, size, and weight are all factors to consider.


AMZScout review: Why you should use it?

AMZScout’s product packaging, versatility, and the ease of using both of the Chrome extension and the online application appeal to me. Both versions come with a free trial, that is something that other FBA applications lack. One of the determining elements in buying and keeping to use a product is the ability to try its features and functionalities for free.

After all, why would you purchase anything if you don’t understand how it works? The team at AMZScout is sure that users will like their software that much that they will be persuaded to purchase it after the free trial time ends. That sort of assurance is extremely comforting.

The AMZScout offers a user-friendly UI and a lot of useful functions. As a result, Amazon merchants often utilize it. The Extension is a fantastic tool for researching products. The main disadvantage is that novice vendors may find the sheer quantity of data provided by the Extension overwhelming at times.

Customization and filters may help you narrow down the information you view so that you only see what’s important to you right now. There’s a great deal of information to take in, yet it may be overwhelming. Novice vendors need much more time to master this instrument to the same degree as experienced vendors.

This Amazon product research tool may significantly speed up the process of coming up with excellent product ideas. The more you utilize these tools, the more proficient you will become. You’ll also improve your Amazon selling skills.


AMZScout Alternatives

Before subscribing to AMZScout, it’s always a good idea to check out the competition and find the best amazon marketing software for your needs. You can find the AMZScout alternatives here.

Here are some versus to compare AMZScout with its competitors:


Frequently Asked Questions

How accurate is AMZScout?

AMZScout, based on my findings, is more accurate for products with little sales (I’d say less than 30). You should be very cautious about relying on their sales forecasts if you intend to use these products for some of their other features.

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