AdvertSuite Review – Facebook ads spy tool

Advertsuite was a great Facebook spy tool. But they no longer update the database and we never got an answer from their customer support. Please don't buy it.
5.8/10 (Expert Score)
Product is rated as #3 in category Advertisement

Facebook is not only about finding friends and chatting. It is also a great advertising platform you may use to promote your products. If you are about to start a marketing campaign on social media, there are already a few applications that will help you increase ROI. AdvertSuite is one of those apps.

Facebook Ads database is no longer updated.

Read further to learn more about AdvertSuite, in our review we will detail its features, pros and cons with our rating, and a conclusion about why you should use it.

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Quick Overview

AdvertSuite review: Learn everything in 30 seconds

What is AdvertSuite?

AdvertSuite is the first Facebook ads spy tool on the market. It was founded by Luke Maguire, a marketing specialist and software developer. The idea behind the app was to ease the research work for marketer specializing in social media advertisements.

As Luke Maguire says, as a professional, he wanted to have an application that would collect all necessary data on one dashboard. Thus, the idea of AdvertSuite was born.

AdvertSuite is rated as the best Facebook ads spy software. It has a large database of Facebook advertisements, both old and recent ones. The database contains over 40 million ads posted on Facebook since around 2014.

On the AdvertSuite official website, it is stated that the database contains ads from over 20 countries. However, according to user reviews, it covers many more than just twenty and works with virtually any country you might be interested in. The best thing about it is that the database is continually updated with 10 000 new Facebook advertisements daily.

The application provides an easy to understand interface and quite a few search filters to match your needs. You may use it to look up the most recent marketing trends, successful Facebook advertising campaigns, and even your competitors’ recent actions. Later on, you can implement the best-suited working options for your social media advertisement campaign.

Moreover, there are extensions to the basic version of the program that covers Instagram, YouTube, and Google Ads. You may purchase the upgrade to spy on other social media ads and extend your marketing campaign.

AdvertSuite specifications

FeaturesAdvertisement integrated / Facebook Advertisement
Best suited forIndividuals, Freelancers, Small businesses
Website languagesEnglish
Website URLVisit official website
Support linkSupport page
Support email[email protected]
Live chatNo
Company addressNigeria
Year foundedN/A

Our AdvertSuite review

5.8Expert Score
The cheapest Facebook Ads Database (no longer updated!!!)

AdvertSuite is the first Facebook ads spy tool on the market. Spy on your competitors, save time and money by duplicating what is already working.

Customer support
Value for money
Ease of use
  • Cheap
  • One time payment
  • The biggest Facebook Ads Database
  • Powerful filtering system
  • Covers Instagram, Google, and YouTube besides Facebook ads
  • Requires some advertisement knowledge


AdvertSuite pricing: How much does AdvertSuite cost?

The key features of AdvertSuite software is that it is a one-time purchase. You will not have to pay to use it on a monthly basis, which is what most software creators use. The basic AdvertSuite package costs $67 and covers the full Facebook ads package.

Pricing rangeFrom $67 to $497 per package for one time
Pricing typesOne-time payment
Free planNo
Free trialNo
Money back guaranteeYes, 14 days
Pricing page linkSee plans

AdvertSuite pricing plans

pricing advertsuite

AdvertSuite offers a basic Facebook ads spy tool and three additional extensions. One of them unlocks the Instagram, Google, and YouTube filters, as it was noted above.

It also has a guaranteed 14-days return if you do not like the app. Additionally, if there is no profit from using the software in the first 60 days, you are offered twice the price fund return.

One of the key features of AdvertSuite software is that it is a one-time purchase. You will not have to pay to use it on a monthly basis, which is what most software creators use. The basic AdvertSuite package costs $67 and covers the full Facebook ads package.

With this basic suite, you can use all the filters for Facebook ads featured previously and the whole of the database. This should be enough to create the Facebook marketing campaign for your products and services and optimize them for the target audience.

However, if you want to get the full bundle with Instagram, Google, and YouTube ads filters, you will have to purchase an extension to the basic version. This extension is called Syndicate upgrade. As the name suggests, it will scale up your marketing campaign and extend it beyond Facebook ads.

The upgrade costs additional $67 and it is a one-time purchase as well. This extension is recommended to buy since many marketing campaigns cover Instagram ads, too. Without the upgrade, your campaign might not be full. However, since these four platforms make up the most of traffic, this purchase should pay off well.

The second extension is so-called Success Training package. It will be offered to purchase right after the first upgrade. This extension might be interesting for non-professional users or those who want to know more about the basics of successful advertisement campaign creation and recent trends. It provides an access to VIP training materials from the creator of the software, Luke Maguire.

The training consists of a few video lessons on how to use the application and make the most out of AdvertSuite features. Additionally to this, the new videos are added once in a while and VIP webinars are available for purchasers. The webinars are also recorded and can be seen later along with the rest of study materials. This upgrade costs $57.

The last of the four packages is the Reseller extension. Its price is $497. It is not an essential part of the software. In fact, most users will not find it useful for online marketing purposes.

If you choose to purchase it, you will be given the right to change and resell 20 licenses. This could be a worthy purchase if you are a software developer and want to create your own version of the program to sell.


What can you do with AdvertSuite?

AdvertSuite is a simple and at the same time powerful research tool for Facebook ads. Unlike many other Facebook ads spy tools, it shows all matching data on one personalized dashboard in just a couple easy steps.

The software does not offer complicated analytic information or in-depth analysis of the current social media ads market, and that is the best part of it. It leaves out only the most relevant and useful data and keeps it plain, yet valuable.

The AdvertSuite search engine covers some of the most important filters, starting with target audience location and ending with funnel software. We will discuss them in the order of appearance on the application’s dashboard.

Search Mode

The search mode filter contains three main options: keywords, advertiser, and domain. It can search for the given keywords in the text of advertisement posts, comments, and even the landing pages. If you want to search for a particular advertiser, it will show the ads that have the name or a keyword in the company name. The same goes for domain filter.

These filters will be useful if you want to see advertisements of particular products or companies. Alternatively, you may use it to look up the advertisements and landing pages of your competitors to understand what you could add or edit in your campaign.

Sort by

As the name suggests, this filter sorts the results in a given order of your choice. For example, you may sort it by publishing date, likes, shares, views, comments, and running time. Thus, you can see what the newest ads that match your search settings are and determine the main trends.

Else, you may use comments, likes, or shares to get the ads with highest engagement rates on the top of the list. The longest running advertisement is rather a less frequently used sorting filter. These ads may be a bit outdated; however, you can look up the most successful advertisements in the past and what made them last for this long.

Select Country/Language

geo location filters

These are two different search filters, but they best work together. The country filter will show the advertisements from a particular region. As it was mentioned before, AdvertSuite covers over 20 countries and you can select a country from the list.

If you choose a country without language specification, it will show all advertisements from this country existing in the database. That might be a bit confusing, so it is recommended to also choose a particular language. Same thing is applicable to language filter, as you probably do not want to see all Spanish advertisements from all over the world for example. You can choose more than one country or language.

Country and language filters work well if you use both. It will give you more localized results and a better understanding of market demands.

Ad Seen/ Post Date Between

These are two time range filters you may find useful. The names are pretty much self-explanatory. Ad seen between shows the Facebook ads that were viewed by users within a given timeframe. Post date, respectively, shows the advertisements posted between chosen dates. 

These filters can help to eliminate older ads from the list. It will provide a general image of the current situation on the market and help you build your advertisements based on recent trends rather than mistakenly taking the once popular in the past ads.

Call to Action Sorting

CTA action

This filter can be used to sort advertisements by the call to action. It covers “buy now”, “learn more”, “send message”, ‘call’, “book now”, and ‘signup’ button options. This filter will show what call to action is more suitable for your marketing campaign or product type. 

Coupled with other filters, it will help you create the best call to action tool for the target audience that fits to your needs and interests. This filter can be customized as well. For example, you may search for CTA button with “donate now” text.

Ad Type

Video and image ad

The ad type search filter has only two options – Video or Image. Nowadays, many companies use videos for their marketing posts. Video material may show your products and services better and give the potential customers a clear image of what you can offer. 

However, video advertisements are not always the best choice. Depending on the target audience and niche, it might be more relevant to use either of these for your Facebook ads. With this filter, you can see what visual materials will work the best for you.

Ad Position

adposition filtering

Similarly, to the previous filter, this one has two main options. News feed filter will only show the ads that appear in the news feed, and right-side column will give only the results for ads placed in the right-side column, as the names suggest. 

Once again, there is no universal rule to determine this, so you might look up what your competitors use and decide based on the target audience and product type.

Gender and Age Filters

Demographic engagement

AdvertSuite provides a graphical representation of some of the demographic features of the audience. For example, if you look up any of the ads in the database, you can see what gender and age groups are the most interested in that advertisement. 

AdvertSuite collects this data from the profiles of people who commented on the posts, so that might be less reliable in case of ads with low engagement rates.

It has a simple logic behind it. For example, men over 40 would rarely be interested in eyebrow architecture, so you may eliminate such gender or age groups from your search. These filters allow you to choose a particular gender or age group as the target audience and see what kind of advertisements will work for them.

Funnel Software

clickfunnels advertsuite

AdvertSuite features landing page analysis as well. It collects data such as keywords and funnels software type from the landing pages of ads. For funnel software filters, there are two options. You may choose between ClickFunnels or LeadPages applications. 

This may not be directly useful for advertisement creation and personalization. However, this could show what funnel software will suit you better and what your competitors use for theirs. This may give inspiration and ideas for your landing page and funnel.

E-com Platform

advertsuite ecommerce platform

The application features three main e-commerce platforms – Shopify, WooCommerce, and Magento. This filter can be used to determine what e-com platform suits your products and niche. 

Moreover, you can see the recent trends on these platforms, what products are in high demand, and what your buyers want to use. This will help you create the selling funnel and make it more comfortable for your clients to get the products using the preferred platform.

Special Interests

The last Facebook ads filter is a so-called Special Interests search filter. It provides a list of niches you may have an interest in, or what your target audience may look after. 

The list contains some of more general interest areas such as fitness, health, dating, crypto, and more specified ones like male enhancement, erectile dysfunction, and brain supplements. AdvertSuite features casino, nutra, diet, muscle, and CBD as separate special interest areas as well. These filters can be very specific, which may come in handy for your marketing goals.

Instagram, Google, and YouTube filters

If you purchased an upgrade for other social networks, you will see the icons on the left to search filters. The filters are a bit different for every of the four social media platforms. For example, the Instagram panel looks almost the same as the Facebook filters set. 

The only difference is that there is no option to select a particular age group as Instagram does not provide such information on its users. YouTube panel, however, looks the same as the one for Facebook ads with no additional filters.

When it comes to Google advertisements, there are many fewer features you may select. Since it is available for virtually any internet user without signing in, some of the filters available for other social networks are missing. You cannot choose gender or age specifications, ad type, buttons or funnel configurations, and e-commerce platforms. 

There is one new position filter – top or button of the page. This may look a bit frustrating, but it is important to notice that Google does not require as much personal information as Instagram, Facebook, or YouTube to use.


Why you should use AdvertSuite?

Pros of AdvertSuite

AdvertSuite provides the biggest database on Facebook ads. It can offer analytical information on over 40 million advertising posts and this number is growing each day. 

It does not matter if you are looking for recently featured ads or all-time best selling products, the database has both. It is also easy to navigate in this sea of Facebook ads. AdvertSuite provides different search filters to show only the ones that match your field, customer specifications, and region.

The app features many filters that will personalize the search results to fit your needs. You may find the best solutions for the niche and product type that will be optimized for the target audience. 

It makes the work much easier once you know what your potential customers are looking for and which ads work for them. Additionally, it eliminates the routine part of successful advertisement creation. You can simply replicate the best ads or get inspiration for yours.

You may use AdvertSuite to ‘spy’ on your competitors as well. Using software, you can specifically search for the advertisements in a particular niche, region, language, or by a certain producer. This will keep you updated with recent actions of competing companies and demands of your customers.

AdvertSuite is a great marketing tool that features a list of useful filters for the four platforms. The best thing about it is that it covers Instagram, Google, and YouTube besides Facebook ads. Though Facebook ads are used by 93% of social media advertisers, other platforms bring a big part of the revenue. 

With this extension, your marketing campaign will become full-scale and universal. Moreover, AdvertSuite makes it easy to spy on ads on these platforms simultaneously, and you may personalize the same ads for each of the four for higher ROI. It is generally a helpful tool to monetize your social media ads.

Cons of AdvertSuite

On the official AdvertSuite webpage, it is mentioned that this software will suit user of any level. However, it is not all simple to create successful and prosperous Facebook ads. The application provides you the basic analytical data that you can use to build your own ads. Yet, it is not enough to know this information solely. 

In most cases, you have to have additional knowledge in the field of social media advertising to create not just a similar marketing post, but also a good one that will bring new customers. This, however, can be provided by the Success Training package offered by AdvertSuite. 

Yet, if you do not have necessary knowledge and want to start the marketing campaign at once, this is not a suitable option for you. The estimated length of training is about a month.

Virtually, this is where it ends. There are no significant disadvantages of AdvertSuite as far as users have found.

AdvertSuite is justifiably one of the best Facebook ads spy tools. It has a list of great features that will provide you the most suitable and relevant information on the current state of Facebook advertising and beyond. It has a giant database that is constantly refreshed and covers all niches. Using this software will let you know the recent marketing trends and public demands that you can use to create successful ads.

This Facebook ads spy tool is the best way to learn about recent changes on the market. AdvertSuite offers unlimited searches and bookmarks, so you may check on the competitors and general trends any time you want to. You may get inspiration for your advertisement posts and landing pages and get an insight on the marketing tools that will increase your sales. One of the key features of the app is that it offers Instagram, Google, and YouTube kit additionally to Facebook ads basic package.

For an affordable price, you will get a powerful tool to ‘spy’ on competitors and look up the most prosperous marketing campaigns. AdvertSuite features a set of filters that you can use to personalize the search and adjust the results to match your preferences. You may filter ads by countries, dates, gender and age groups, landing pages, and calls for action. All these features will create the basis for your campaign and give inspiration, or simplify your work as an online ads specialist.

Though it is not recommended for users without experience, you may still find it useful and even take additional training package. Additionally, it is not complicated to actually work with the software. It has a simple and attractive interface and good navigation system. You can find everything you need on one dashboard and all tools and filters can be controls from one panel. This tool is easy to use even for beginners; however, extra knowledge will be needed later on to understand the contents and start working on your own ads.

Overall, it is a worthy purchase. You will only have to buy it once to get a lifetime access to its features and the growing database. The same goes for the extension packages, and if you do not enjoy it, you can get your money back after 14 days trial.

AdvertSuite Review – Facebook ads spy tool
AdvertSuite Review – Facebook ads spy tool

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