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Adzooma is an advertising platform and Marketplace. It helps you manage, optimize, and automates your Google, Facebook, and Microsoft campaigns within one dashboard.

Customer support
Value for money
Ease of use
  • Adzooma platform is FREE
  • Google, Bing and FB ads in one platform
  • Easy to use
  • Save time
  • Automation
  • Marketplace to find customers or experts
  • Reports
  • Live chat support
  • Only in English
  • No native advertisers (Taboola...)
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Adzooma is an AI-driven, smart platform designed to help you manage, optimize and automate your online advertising. Inspecting over 240 metrics across your Google, Facebook and Microsoft campaigns, you can make improvements in just a few clicks.

Partnered with Google, Facebook, and Microsoft, the idea is that you can save time and optimize your online advertising, giving you better ROI and a chance to focus on something else.

Why Adzooma?

Why should you use Adzooma?

The biggest qualities and advantages of Adzooma can be summarized in a few lines:

  • Reduce wasted spend through adopting best practices.
  • Save time by automating tedious tasks.
  • Improve performance through personalized optimizations.
  • Prioritize important data with white-label and one-click reports.

Adzooma Awards

adzooma's award winning platform

Thanks to the multiple awards won by Adzooma, you have the proof that you will use the best solution to manage your advertising campaigns. What’s crazy is that it’s totally free to use!

Adzooma Platform

Manage your running ads in one
Dashboard with Adzooma Platform

dashboard of adzooma

Adzooma platform is a management system for your advertising systems. It allows you to group your Facebook, Google and Bing campaigns in the same place to manage everything from the same dashboard. This will essentially save you time and money thanks to the guidance, analysis and automation systems.


Manage everything from one dashboard

Management Features
Adzooma management dashboard

When you start in online advertising, you usually use Facebook, Google and Bing at the same time. This makes 3 different dashboards to create the ads and check the results. If you have experienced or are currently experiencing this situation, imagine being able to manage everything in one place.

Adzooma Management gives you the data and tools you need to manage all of your campaigns and advertising from a single screen.


You will be able to :

  • Save your time
  • Edit and publish mass changes
  • Build entire campaigns from scratch
  • Track your performance

Create entire campaigns or add creatives at a glance

Build entire Google and Microsoft campaigns, or add advertisements groups, keywords, and creatives to existing campaigns easily with Adzooma’s Campaign Builder. That means no more logging back into Google, Microsoft or Facebook and spending hours trying to navigate through their software.

Track and compare campaign performance

Track and compare campaign performance

Track how your campaigns have been performing over time and the impact you’ve made. You can see the key metrics of your impressions, clicks, conversions and cost, the performance chart visually tracks your performance and compares it to the previous period.


Get opportunities with Adzooma assistant

Opportunities Features
Adzooma UX Estimated Improvements

Opportunities are the beating heart of Adzooma. They are personalized recommendations for your campaigns, created by monitoring and analyzing your accounts. Click “Opportunities” in the platform to see every opportunity suggested and decide which ones you want to run, it takes just a click to apply them.

The opportunities are showing up to you based on your account and data. Some examples you might get are:


Adzooma will identify campaigns with lower CTR or ROI rates than the average, giving you the opportunity to replace it. This will stop this running campaign from eating up your budget and give to the other campaigns a chance to deliver better results.


They’ll look at the top-performing keywords over the last 30 days related to the targeting keywords and identify new keywords that will lead to an increase in clicks. For example, if you’re bidding on the keyword “smartphone” they might suggest “foldable smartphone” if it will improve performance.


If there are any keywords in your campaign that are getting clicks, but not converting customers, you’ll get the opportunity to stop them. This way you will be able to focus your budget on the keywords that are converting.


If your campaigns are running 24/7, you might get an opportunity to limit this to the times your customers are most likely to be searching. You’ll be able to choose the exact times you want your adverts to run.

Helpful assistant

Adzooma UX Queue 2

Opportunities are your virtual assistant that will be there when needed. It will only show if something has triggered them. Essentially, the less you see, the better optimized your accounts are.

Automation Features


Set up automation rules

Automation Features

It’s really easy to set up the automation rules understanding that your account can be monitored 24/7, automatically. You will definitely save a big amount of time by not having to manually check and update your accounts everyday.

Adzooma Automation is the virtual PPC assistant you’ve always wanted.


It’s powered by a simple rule-based system. If an event happens, it will take a certain action based on your rules.

set automation rules and forget

These events can be everything from low CTR rates, a set number of clicks or budget spend, low-converting campaigns, and much more. Whatever you need, just set the rule, tell Adzooma what action you want to take, and set it to running.

Automation Templates

Automation templates adzooma

Each of these templates has been chosen by experts as their go-to rules for setting up and optimizing their campaigns. They’re rules that have stood the test and have proven results in optimizing campaigns.

Also, you can customize these rules. Use these templates as a starting point and edit them to fit your needs.

Choose from one of the templates, such as:

  • Pause Non-Converting Keywords: You can top bidding on keywords that are not giving conversions.
  • Low CTR Ad Groups: You can set your minimum CTR rate and get alerted when a running campaign hits it.
  • Low Campaign Conversion Rate: When your conversion rate is low but spend is high, you can protect your ROI by turning off the campaign. 
  • Pause Poor Performing Ads: Prevent wasted money on ads that are getting clicks without conversions.
  • Campaign Budget Underspend: Get alerted when your spending is lower than your pre-set amount.
  • Improve Poor Performing Keywords: Get notified when there are keywords with a poor quality score and CTR.

Get many different reports for your customers

Report Features

Adzooma’s reporting feature covers a lot of metrics when it comes to PPC reports. 

You gain access to six pre-defined reports that can be generated in a click and you can create your own custom white-label reports to send to your clients. Yes, with Adzooma you can build and customize your own reports in minutes. It’s easy to do and will automatically update every time you need it.

You can choose to generate 6 different reports according to several specific metrics, which are detailed below.

Adzooma Free Reports

Performance Report

Report results of the different advertisements

The Performance Report is the easiest and most actionable PPC overview you’ll ever get. It analyses and breaks down every area of your account, from set-up issues to match type usage, single ad keywords and budget.

You will get an overall score out of 100 and clear insights into what areas need your attention.

Funnel Performance Report

Get key metrics such as total spend, impressions generated, click-through rates, conversion rates, and CPA for each funnel/page and compare them over time.

Discover where customers leave your website and improve the customer experience adequately.

Device Report

See at a glance how your campaigns are performing across desktop, mobile and tablet.

Look at key metrics and compare them side by side to and adjust your budgets by devices.

Best & Worst Performers Report

Instantly find your best and worst performing campaigns and keywords in this report.

See what’s working well with your customers and find which campaigns need your attention.

Cross Channel Report

Compare the performance of your accounts across the different advertising platforms.

Find which platform is giving you the best return on specific campaigns and make strategic decisions on a platform level.

KPI Trend Report

Measure your campaigns against your KPIs to track your progress and overall campaign performance.

Using key metrics like spend, impression share, CTR, conversation rate, CPA (Cost Per Acquisition) and ROAS (Return On Ad Spend), you can directly measure your success against your goals.

Adzooma Marketplace

Find your advertising partner
into the Adzooma Marketplace

adzooma marketplace

In case you don’t already know, the Adzooma Marketplace is designed to connect digital agencies with potential prospects looking for their services. It’s separate from the optimisation platform, but since the platform has 50,000 connected users, the Marketplace is constantly being scoured by thousands of digital marketers.

It’s where businesses and agencies get together to find their perfect partner, featuring experts in SEO, PR, website design, CRO, e-commerce, PPC, and so much more.

The types of services currently being offered include:

  • A/B Testing
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Amazon Marketing
  • Content Marketing
  • CRO
  • Digital PR
  • E-Commerce
  • Email Marketing
  • Marketing Strategy
  • PPC
  • Promotion Design
  • SEO
  • Social Media
  • UI/UX
  • Video Production
  • Web Analytics
  • Website Design
  • Website Development
  • Website Hosting
how it works marketplace

Plus, as well as putting your agency front and centre, you can also:

  • Request to be an author on the Adzooma blog and exhibit your expertise to their readers, email subscribers and social media followers too
  • Get your listing in front of traffic from industry-leading websites, high-performing PPC campaigns and Adzooma data reports

Enterprise solution

The Adzooma software is not limited to just individuals, they offer an enterprise solution too. It’s easy to see why the additions of complete campaign builders, API integration, and client’s management dashboard with the white label reports would be ideal for bigger businesses.

Agency solution

If you’re an agency that spends a lot on PPC each month and have a number of account managers, Adzooma’s agency offer might match your needs. You get access to extra features such as Adzooma Teams meaning you can add up to 10 individual users on one account.

Unite your team and achieve better results
Invite team members and assign them accounts to work on. Avoid duplicating work by ensuring each team member is focused on their own goals. Just give the right permissions to control who sees what and help prevent potential human error.

Create new client campaigns faster
All you need is your client’s name, website and phone number. Adzooma will create custom Google and Microsoft campaigns for them.

Adzooma Pricing

How much does Adzooma cost?

Be careful, Adzooma has two different systems. One is a platform to manage and automate your advertising and the other is a marketplace to find marketing agencies or SEO agencies.


Adzooma platform is Free to use

Platform pricing

The most amazing thing about Adzooma is that it is possible to use their advertising platform 100% free of charge, there are really no extra costs to worry about!

This may seem suspicious, but to reassure you, Adzooma explains why they offer their platform for free:

It’s our mission to make online advertising more accessible to everyone, hence we decided to provide our full platform 100% free of charge for everyone. This was possible because of the success of Adzooma Marketplace, the place we can connect our users with the services they need.


Get listed on the Adzooma Marketplace

Marketplace pricing
Adzooma marketplace pricing

The different packages for adding your ad to the Adzooma Marketplace are simple and straightforward. The only difference is in the number of categories where you want your agency to appear.

Boost your exposure

boost your exposure by using some extras

Once your ad is published on the Adzooma Marketplace, you will have the opportunity to boost its display and click-through rates through various ways of promotion.

Get Amazon gift cards

Refer a friend and both get £20 ($20)

Refer a friend and earn £20 amazon gift card

Adzooma is free and yet you can earn £20 in Amazon gift cards. All you have to do is promote Adzooma to your friends by sharing a referral link. Once they sign up for free, you and your friend will receive a £20 Amazon gift card!

The more friends you refer, the more you’ll earn. There’s no limit. As long as they sign up and have active ad spend in their account, you’ll both get paid.


Just make sure to share your referral code to get the reward.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Adzooma?

Adzooma is an advertising platform + Agencies Marketplace. That helps you manage, optimize and automate your Google, Facebook, and Microsoft campaigns. Adzooma platform is 100% FREE!

Is Adzooma the best solution to manage my online advertising?

We can’t answer to this question without knowing your needs. However, you can read our review about Adzooma or contact us directly.

Is Adzooma legit?

Yes it is legit and we can proudly say that we are using Adzooma Platform to manage our advertising campaigns.

Is Adzooma Free?

Yes, the Adzooma platform is totally Free! But if you want to register your agency in their Marketplace, you will have to pay.

Adzooma – Advertisement Platform and Marketplace
Adzooma – Advertisement Platform and Marketplace

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