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In this AdTargeting review, you'll find more information about its features, pricing, pros and cons and why you should consider using it.
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Spy on your Facebook and Google Ads competitors

Adtargeting centralizes all the ads from Facebook and Google which are listed with different filters. This allows you to spy on your competitors and see their results.

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Did you know that behaviorally targeted ads, a type of ad targeting technique, are the most cost-effective advertising type with an average click-through rate that is 5.3 times higher than the average advertising type?

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What’s more? According to a 2009 study, targeted advertising was twice as effective at converting people who click on ads into buyers. In summary, ad targeting is a marketing type that allows you to increase your ROAS.

As we are spending more on online advertising, we want our ads to be accurate and pay-off. With Facebook advertising, the solution to lower costs is with better targeting, that menas to understand your target audience and identidy new targets.

It involves finding intererests that are underdiscovered by your compertitors. That’s where AdTargeting steps in with services that not only finds you hidden targeting intetests but also provides other helpful features. 

In this review, we will examine what it is and how to use it.

Read further to learn more about AdTargeting, in our review we will detail its features, pros and cons with our rating, and a conclusion about why you should use it.

Click on “open” if you want to see exactly what we will talk about in the rest of this article.

Quick Overview

What is AdTargeting?

AdTargeting is a digital marketing tool to discover hyper-relevant interests for Facebook ads and Google ads. The aim of AdTargeting is to help advertisers reduce ads spend by improving ads targeting.

With AdTargeting, advertisers will be able to refine their audience pool to a niche circle thereby to improve the ROI (return on investment), avoid fishing from the same pool as their competitors, and discover new audiences. 

AdTargeting also manages interest words. With a single click, advertisers can upload their list of interests into their Facebook Ad account. 

In short, AdTargeting helps advertisers to place their ads in certain areas of a platform with the aim of getting as much visibility and engagement as possible. Where the marketer places the ads, what they – the ads – say, and what they look like are not random.

With AdTargeting, advertisers and marketers will be planning their ad campaigns with verification that they are going to work for their business. 

AdTargeting specifications

FeaturesAdvertisement integrated
Best suited forFreelancers, Small businesses
Website languagesMultilingual
Website URLVisit official website
Support linkSupport page
Live chatYes
Company addressNot found on their website
Year foundedN/A


AdTargeting pricing: How much does AdTargeting cost?

AdTargeting Basic plan costs you $9 per month. You can save up to 50% if you subscribe the plan annually.

Pricing range
Pricing typesAnnual subscription / Monthly subscription
Free planYes
Free trialYes, 3 days
Money back guaranteeNo
Pricing page linkSee plans

AdTargeting pricing plans


AdTargeting offers users four plans. They are Free, Basic, Pro, and VIP Enterprise. While the Free plan costs nothing and offers basic features, the other plans charge a fee and offer detailed features. Free – this plan costs the user nothing. However, it offers access to the bare minimum of the tool’s features, including interest/keyword search and audience insight. Also, you can only make three queries in a day. Basic – this plan costs $9/month. In addition to the features the free plan offers, it has a keyword suggestion feature. Also, it enables up to 20 queries per day. Pro – at $69/month, this plan offers a wide range of features that will drastically improve your targeted ads campaign. In addition to the features present on Basic, it also offers advertisers ranking, advertisers’ insight, top charts, and online support. VIP Enterprise – the most expensive of AdTargeting’s plans, VIP Enterprise costs between $199-$999 a month. Alongside what you get with the Pro plan, it also offers deeper, more insightful ad analysis; API integration support; personalized service; access to information on competitors’ ads; and increased ad dimensions. What’s more? You can have a 3-days trial for only $1 after which you’ll have to pay the full price. Also, it allows you to make unlimited queries every day


AdTargeting features: What can you do with it?

AdTargeting helps you make the best results out of each step with its advanced features. Check them out:

Discover hidden targeting options for Facebook advertising and Google advertising

Facebook ads interest allows you to place your business in front of people who have never heard about you. Basically, you take users’ interests, which Facebook determines based on their behavior, for example, the fan pages they like, and use it to create ads that will resonate with them.

In addition to interest words revealed by Facebook, AdTargeting allows you to search more interest words by category.

You may look up niched keywords and their associated audience size in “Top Charts” In the chart section, you can explore deep-down interest words in each sub-category within the major categories.

top charts
image 6

You can see additional interests to the major interests. For instance “JUMIA Online Shopping – Fashion, Electronics, and More” is definitely a more specified interest compare to Shopping and Fashion. 

The same goes with Google keyword finding. Switch the platform to Google to search niched keywords for searching keywords.  

Google keyword finding

Find the best interest words with the most engaged audiences

You might feel overwhelmed by looking up details of each possible keyword. AdTargeting allows to compare two keywords side by side on all aspects to filter out the best one.

You can compare different interest words to see what they offer and gain meaningful insight into your audience. This can improve your specificity and increase the ROI of your ads.

Audience size per interests

You can use Facebook keyword analysis to determine the right age range, gender ratio, and audience size to determine your audience profile.

If you want, you can further streamline your target audience using relationship status, education level, and job title, among others. In this way, you can choose the keyword that matches your audience profiles.

Facebook keyword analysis

Examine Google Keywords To Your Budget

ADTargeting Examine Google Keywords To Your Budget

AdTargeting provides data of CPC and PD for Google keywords. Another AdTargeting feature that makes it an excellent marketing tool is that it supports Google keyword search. For instance, you can find out how popular a keyword is by tracking the search volume over a 12-month period.

Further, you can check the cost per click (CPC) of the keyword and its paid difficulty (PD). With all of these, you can ensure your ad gets to the right audience.

Spy On Details of Other Advertisers’ ad Campaigns

Another offer of AdTargeting is to allow you to spy on competitor’s ad campaigns. It is also the last step after finding the interests words. After deciding the interest words, you will want to put together ad content and plan on promotion activities.

When you are at this stage, you may want to refer to what your competitors did. Having such information can make a lot of difference and place you ahead of the curve.

Advertiser's ad campaigns
Platform distribution statistics
Creatives insights

You will get access to hot words on the advertiser’s Facebook pages, countries distribution, ad creatives, and other details about the ad campaign. You may want to incorporate that information into your marketing plan.


AdTargeting review: Why you should use it?

AdTargeting provides solutions to several advertising problems. In the same vein, it throws up some new problems.

Below, we will look at these advantages and disadvantages.

Benefits of AdTargeting

It supports seven languages

AdTargeting supports Chinese, English, Russian, French, Spanish, German, Japanese 

Targeted Campaigns

Perhaps the biggest advantage of AdTargeting is its ability to reduce your target options to specific demographics and target groups. Below are some demographics and groups you can use to streamline your specific target options.

Age; Gender; Education; Location; Language; Relationship status; Friends; Interest; Occupation; Friends of friends; Job title, and many more.

Reduced Ads Cost

Due to the reduced targeting options, targeted advertisements are highly efficient and cost less than normal advertisements. As a result, there is no need to do trial and error to find what works.

Create Target Advertising Content

AdTargeting enables you to deliver the right messages to the right people on the right platforms at the right time. That is, it enables you to target specific groups of people with images and copies that appeal to their interests using the data you have on them and their behavior, among other things.

To achieve this, research your target audience and understand their interests and needs. Then, appeal to those interests and needs with your ads

Disadvantages of AdTargeting

Limited Reach

Since AdTargeting focuses on a specific audience, it self-imposes limits on the range of people it can reach and appeal to. By choosing the groups of people you perceive to be your audience, you are removing the potential audience you have in other groups.

Privacy Intrusion

AdTargeting focuses on specific online media platforms that offer less privacy as time passes. Imagine seeing an ad copy from Facebook or Google inviting you to buy sneakers after you browsed through an online apparel store. That can be creepy, right? What’s more is that the ad specifies your age range, gender, and location, among others.

This privacy intrusion is one of the problems of AdTargeting.


AdTargeting Alternatives

AdTargeting has numerous alternatives. Below, we look at two of them: InterestExplorer and Connectio.


InterestExplorer is a Facebook interest targeting tool. Created in 2016, it identifies and reveals numerous hidden Facebook interests you can target.

Features: It has a Chrome extension that frees some manual work. It also allows you to save and copy-paste keywords straight into Facebook campaigns. It supports languages other than English.


Connectio is another Facebook marketing tool. It works by automating and optimizing Facebook ads to help people and businesses advertise to their audience efficiently.

Features: It divides into four tools that allow you to coordinate Facebook advertising with autoresponder and CRM. It also finds interest in targeting options and retargeting. 


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AdTargeting Review – Facebook Interest Targeting Tool
AdTargeting Review – Facebook Interest Targeting Tool

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