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AdSpace is the first Facebook ads spy tool on the market. Spy on your competitors, save time and money by duplicating what is already working.

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Facebook is the biggest social network with over 2 billion active users. It is therefore one of the best options to start your business promotion. However, it is not all that easy and can be time- and money-consuming. Luckily, there are a few useful apps on the market that will help you to create influential ads for your business. One of them is UseAdSpace or just AdSpace.

What is AdSpace?

AdSpace is a relatively new to the market Facebook ads spy tool. It has the fastest-updating Facebook ads database, fresh design, and a few great features to boost your ROI. It is suitable for online businesses of any size and will become a powerful ads spy tool in hands of experienced marketers, mentors, and coaches.

The software helps professionals to ease their work and save precious time. It has all the necessary information about past and current Facebook ads from the database on one dashboard. This makes the market research much simpler and more enjoyable. Using AdSpace, you can look up some of the most successful ads in a particular niche or category with highest engagement rates, or less thriving ones to understand what you should not include in yours. It is a good way to find inspiration and determine the current trends in the field of social media marketing.

The application offers a huge growing database of most successful Facebook ads in different niches. The database can be filtered and searched by different criteria. AdSpace features functions such as keyword and advertiser search that ensure that you will find exactly what you needed. Besides that, it includes many other search filters to tune the results to match your interests. Additionally, it allows you to look up your competitors and see their recent advertisements and marketing campaigns.

Now, we will take a closer look to many search and filter options UseAdSpace features.

AdSpace Features

Spy on your competitors with AdSpace

dashboard adspace

Apart from a modern, appealing design, AdSpace provides a great functionality. It works with a list of countries and languages and the search engine can be easily set to fit your requirements. The search tool works with many filters, some of which were already mentioned. AdSpace even offers a few relatively rare search filters to make the best out of your experience.


pet supplies category

The filters toolbar starts with categories setting. As the name suggests, you can use this filter to search for Facebook ads in a particular niche. This can be anything from clothing to pets’ products and more. Categories is the basic parameter that leaves out only the ads that match your business direction and eliminates all non-relevant ones.

Sex and age Range

Like some of other Facebook ads spy tools, AdSpace collects demographic data from comments of Facebook advertisement posts. It keeps track on user information such as age and gender and represents the data in charts that you can see in chosen ad’s summary. These filters are especially important to target the audience of your interest, as different age and sex groups require different marketing approaches. Moreover, it can help you to determine current interests and demands of your potential customers and what ads work for them.


By using this filter, you can sort out the ads containing image, video, or carousel. This can be useful if you are not sure what kind of media you should add. In addition, applying this and advertiser filters can give you in insight in what your competitors are using for their marketing campaigns.



There are three main factors affecting engagement rate – likes, comments, and shares. AdSpace allows you to filter Facebook ads by each of those separately or together. This is one of the key sorting filters as it makes it much easier to navigate through a large amount of all relevant ads in the database. You can sort ads by maximum or minimum engagement. Naturally, most popular ads will help you understand what you could enhance in yours, and less engaging ones will warn you about the mistakes other advertisers make.

Basic filters

Languages filters

Apparently, you will not be interested in ads in Russian if you are working with English-speaking audience. This search filter allows looking up the advertising posts written in particular language of your interest. AdSpace features English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic, Romanian, Italian, German, Vietnamese, Polish, Dutch, Indonesian, Thai, Bulgarian, Greek, Russian, Czech, Lithuanian, Croatian, Chinese, Turkish, and Norwegian.




This filter is applied when you want to know what e-commerce platforms are used by other businesses. It shows what platform is used by the advertiser and to what e-commerce site the landing page leads. This can be Shopify, WooCommerce, Magento or other e-commerce platforms. Platform search can be helpful to discover current trends on those platforms or what your competitors use for their products.

Website Builder

This filter works similarly to the previous one. It sorts out the landing pages created with different website building software. The funnels can be filtered by ClickFunnels, Wix, WordPress, or other applications used to design landing pages. This could give you a general image of what other advertisers in your category use and what will suit your products.

filter by CMS adspace

Call to action

CTA filter

After you successfully attracted attention of the target audience, it is the right time to offer them to take an active action towards purchase. Call-to-action search filter works with action buttons and their captions. It features CTAs such as “buy now”, “learn more”, “send message”, “donate now”, “book now”, and ‘signup’ buttons. This helps to direct potential clients and suggest them next steps they might take.


As it was discussed before, this filter can sort out the companies that have a particular keyword in the name. You can use this filter to see what advertisements your competitors are currently running or had in the past. This way, you will see what they offer that you did not yet mention or what you can make better than they could. Additionally, you can look up all the companies that work in the same field as you do to see general trends and directions of their marketing campaigns.

Advertisers filters

Copy Length and Copy Tone

Copy length filter can sort out ads by words and symbol count. The filter has two main options – long or short copy. This is useful to know what is the optimal length of advertisement post that will provide enough information on your product and keep the audience engaged.

The copy tone search filter is a unique feature offered by Adspace. It leaves out the posts with or without emojis. This might be relevant to some products and services ads where it is better to add or eliminate emoji. Additionally, it can help to see how to use emoji the best in your ads.

copy filters

Video Length

This sorting filter orders ads with video content by the length of videos. It can be sorted from maximum to minimum or oppositely. That could be helpful to determine the perfect video material length suitable for your business. It is important to keep it long enough to tell most significant and useful information about what you offer and short enough to keep the audience focused. You can use it together with other filters to understand how others use video materials for their Facebook ads.

Those are all search and sort filters available in AdSpace application. Some of them are common to all Facebook ads spy tools, and some are exclusively available for AdSpace users. Yet, these are not all the functions featured by UseAdSpace software.

Filters Combination Save

This feature allows you to save the combinations of search and sorting filters. It is useful for complicated combinations that you frequently use. This AdSpace feature will save your time tuning the search results to match your common inquiries.

Bookmarks and Collections

This is a great new feature of AdSpace. It allows you to save the advertising posts you like to your collections, create different collections for different purposes and categories, and come back to see those ads whenever you want to. This feature can be used by professional marketers to look up their favorite ads in particular niches when they need inspiration. Additionally, you could use this AdSpace feature to save posts by rival advertisers and observe their progress.

Full Replication of Funnels

UseAdSpace features an option to replicate the most successful funnels by other advertisers and companies. You can access a tool to make full-funnel replications based on your favorite ads. It covers up technical aspects of funnels as well and allows you to reverse engineer the most suitable options for your business.

AdSpace Pricing

How much does AdSpace cost?

UseAdSpace uses monthly charging system. It has only one pricing package available that includes all of the features and additional functions mentioned above. It has two subscription options – monthly and annual. The base price is $99 per month.

However, the app is still growing and it offers early bird sale for a limited time. The early bird discount is up to 50% of the price and the discount will be still applied for those who purchased the early access for a lifetime subscription. The early bird price for monthly subscription is $59. The cost of annual subscription is $49 per month for now.

UseAdSpace Pricing

Note that the software has number limits to Facebook ads you can look up per month. The base amount is 75 000 ads each month. However, when you make the first purchase of the app, you will get 50 000 ads only. You may buy more ads views for additional price if you exceed the monthly limit.

Alike other Facebook ads spy tools, AdSpace features trial version as well. You may use a trial for 30 days without collecting of credit card information. However, this trial version is limited to viewing 600 Facebook ads only.

Pros & Cons

The Pros and Cons of AdSpace

Pros of AdSpace

AdSpace has a great design with fresh, modern interface. It shows everything you need on one dashboard and keeps search filters visible when you scroll down the page for more ads. It is easy to use and navigate in the app.

Besides great looks, the application features many useful functions to help you build a working advertisement for your business. It has an advanced search engine that offers a range of various search and sorting filters to tune the results. You may get an advantage of using all those to find exactly what you needed and explore far beyond that. It is a helpful app to get an inspiration to create your own ads or explore current trends in social media marketing. Moreover, you can use AdSpace to see what others are using and how your competitors attract new customers on Facebook.

Apart from general exploration options, the software can be used to build successful funnels to suit your interests and public demands. It helps you to create replications of most popular ones that will work for your products and increase sales. This will save a lot of time and funds spent on creation of winning marketing campaigns.

Additionally, AdSpace has a great customer service according to user reviews. The app is still under development and the UseAdSpace team tries its best to provide fast and quality support to customers and get feedback on their work.

Cons of AdSpace

UseAdSpace just started working in spring 2020. Like any other software on early stages, it has certain technical issues and bugs. For example, when you choose a language other than English, you may still get some ads in languages different from the one you chose. The number of odd ads is not significant though; most of the Facebook ads will be in the language of your choice. Yet, it might be a bit annoying, especially taking into account that the number of viewed ads is limited.

The number limit is another disadvantage of AdSpace. If you are a professional marketing specialist working mainly with Facebook ads, this can put some limitations to your work. You can buy additional ads of course, but that might be prostrating given that the monthly price for the software starts with $49 and will eventually grow to $99.


AdSpace Review: Why should you use it?

Overall, AdSpace does a great job for such young software. It has a range of useful functions and features that will help you kick start a marketing campaign. The advanced search filters are the best part of it. AdSpace has a large variety of filters that you can use to set the results and find the most relevant Facebook ads suitable for your business.

Yet, it has some disadvantages. AdSpace is still developing and many new features will be added or edited in the future. However, the price for the product will grow, too. Considering that there are cheaper alternatives to AdSpace, its pricing might be the biggest disadvantage. An important part of it is the limitation on viewed Facebook ads and additional costs related to exceeding the limits.

Weighing everything up, the app is generally a good choice for online businesses, start-ups, marketing professionals, and brands. It has a vast functionality and offers in-depth analysis of Facebook ads. Yet, it is interesting to see what the future updates will bring.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is AdSpace?

AdSpace is an amazing tool to spy on the Facebook advertisements of your competitors to duplicate only what is already working. Learn more about the AdSpace Features

Is AdSpace the best solution to spy on FB ads?

We can’t answer to this question without knowing your needs. However, you can read our review about AdSpace or contact us directly.

Is AdSpace legit?

Yes UseAdSpace is legit! If you’re afraid, not sure or just wanna try, you can get your money back after 14 days trial.

Adspace Review – Facebook ads spy tool
Adspace Review – Facebook ads spy tool
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